Kamala Harris was caught red-handed wining and dining with elites while Americans are struggling to get by

With the United States economy in free fall, many Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Given the rapid inflation growth and price hikes on common goods, many Americans cannot even afford to put food on the table and drive to work.

Despite this Harris was caught red-handed wining and dining with elites while Americans are struggling to get by.

America is in fast decline thanks to Biden

Under President Trump, the United States economy was thriving.

Inflation rates were negligible, the stock market broke record highs almost every day, and gas prices were very low.

But in just the last year or so of Joe Biden’s control, the entire American economy has collapsed.

Just about every single measurable aspect of the American economy is worse off now than it was under President Trump.

This sour economy is having a very real and devastating impact on Americans.  

Whether it is the punishing price of gasoline or baby formula shortages, millions of Americans are in desperation mode.

And the scariest thing is that this failing economy is just the beginning of what is yet to come.

The White House’s pathetic reaction to the economic crisis

Joe Biden has made one thing very clear lately, the failing economy is of little concern to him and his administration.

Very rarely does Biden even acknowledge the problem at hand.  

If he does, he often deflects blame and downplays the economic crisis.

Something Biden needs to realize is that when it comes to something as catastrophic as an economic collapse, whose fault it is does not matter to the American public. 

Nevertheless, Biden continues to blame Trump and Russia for his failures.

And instead, Biden has spent his time riding (and falling off) his bike instead of addressing the nation’s impending recession.

Kamala would rather party than work

If you thought Joe Biden’s reaction to the economic crisis was bad, just look at what Kamala Harris has been up to lately.

Instead of trying to reverse course, she has been seen partying it up with Hollywood elites while average Americans suffer. 

While attending a “Summit of the Americas” event, Kamala and her husband visited some very expensive restaurants and schmoozed it up with Hollywood elites.

To make matters worse, her presence required a massive security detail, costing taxpayers millions. 

This sort of Hollywood elitism is flat out horrible optics for the Biden administration, which already has record low approval numbers.

At this point, a full on recession is around the corner and the Biden White House is completely unequipped to tackle it whatsoever.

The best thing Americans can do is ride out the storm and show up to vote this November.

A massive red wave would help to wake the Biden administration up to the fact that the American public is tired of their antics.

Never before has a Presidential administration cared so little about the people they claim to represent. 

Biden and Harris have no idea what is coming their way this fall.

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