Kamala Harris is in hysterics after she was exposed for making this blatantly false claim about inflation

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

The Biden regime wants to take credit for anything good that happens while taking zero accountability for all of their failures.

So-called “Bidenomics” has failed on so many levels, but they still try to scramble for any good economic news to wear it as a badge of honor. 

Vice President Kamala Harris got caught trying to claim that the Biden regime has helped decrease inflation, but to her embarrassment, the claim doesn’t stand up to facts. 

The Biden regime’s attempts to downplay the rampant inflation crisis they created have reached a new level of deception, with Vice President Harris boldly claiming credit for reducing inflation rates during a recent 60 Minutes interview. 

However, a closer examination of the economic landscape reveals a starkly different reality, one that paints a picture of policies failing to tackle the root causes of this crisis.

Harris’ assertion that the regime’s economic policies are the driving force behind the reduction in inflation rates is, at best, a gross oversimplification. 

While inflation has indeed dropped from its peak in mid-2022, economists and experts agree that the White House’s influence over this decline is marginal at best.

One of the touted policies is the oil sell-off from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in response to skyrocketing gas prices, that resulted from Biden’s implementation of environmental extremist policies aimed at destroying the American oil and gas industry.

While this move was aimed at curbing gas price spikes, its impact on overall inflation remains questionable. 

Additionally, a law capping insulin costs for Medicare beneficiaries might have had some modest effect on specific consumer prices, but it’s far from a comprehensive solution to the broader inflation crisis.

The most significant factor influencing inflation, which the White House cannot control, is the Federal Reserve’s independent actions. 

The Fed’s decision to raise interest rates has a direct impact on economic growth and demand, leading to price reductions. 

The current 5.33% interest rate is the highest in fifteen years, indicating the Fed’s active role in curbing inflation.

Furthermore, external factors like plummeting oil prices and a slowdown in China’s economy have played pivotal roles in reducing inflation. 

The Biden regime cannot take credit for these global economic shifts.

The White House’s attempts to paint a rosy picture of its economic policies ring hollow when confronted with the harsh reality. 

While inflation rates have dipped, attributing this decline solely to regime policies is misleading and incomplete. 

Harris’ claims, designed to bolster the regime’s image, are debunked by experts who highlight the multifaceted nature of inflation and the limited impact of government actions.

As Americans grapple with the daily consequences of soaring prices, they deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders. 

The attempts to manipulate the narrative, as exposed by economic experts, only deepen the skepticism surrounding the administration’s approach to this critical issue. 

The truth remains: the inflation crisis persists, and the White House hasn’t done nearly enough to solve it. 

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