Kamala Harris blew a gasket after this ABC News reporter asked one question about the Biden border crisis

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Vice President Kamala Harris has a history of ineptitude and ridiculous statements.

And as possibly the most unpopular Vice President in American history she seems to be doing the Biden regime far more harm than good.

And now Kamala Harris blew a gasket after this ABC News reporter asked one question about the Biden border crisis.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been an utter failure in her role as the Biden regime’s so-called “border czar.”

After two and a half years as the leader of President Joe Biden’s initiative to “address the root causes” of the massive rise in illegal immigration experienced under his regime, many are critical of her effectiveness and claim she has not been successful in that task.

Kamala has been asleep at the wheel

It is because of this that Governors of states most impacted by the Biden crisis, like Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott, began taking matters into their own hands, even transporting illegal aliens to Democrat-controlled so-called “sanctuary cities” across the country.

And that includes transporting illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., and dropping them off right on the doorstep of the Vice President’s residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory.

But the arrival of the illegal aliens she claims to be so welcoming to has only served to incense Harris.

“Busloads of migrants have been dropped off right at your doorstep, GOP-led states,” ABC News’ Linsey Davis asked Harris. “Despite those tactics, you do have Republicans who are largely making inroads with Latino voters. And there are many critics, some within your own party, who say that there’s more that — that your administration should be doing on the migration front. Do they have a point?”

“So first of all, let’s agree that people should not be the pawns in a political game,” Harris replied. “Human beings should not be treated as pawns in a political game. What is happening in terms of sending these migrants, most of whom have flee great harm, and sending them across the country for the sake of some political showmanship, it’s just irresponsible.”

“If you want to deal with the problem, then do it if you are a leader by participating in the solution,” she continued. “And one very clear solution, very significant solution, has been in front of us for years now. We need to pass immigration reform. You know, there was a time where George Bush, John McCain, others who — people who differed on many other issues agreed, let’s be sensible and solution oriented on this issue.”

But as a point of fact, illegal immigration was orders of magnitude lower during the Trump administration, at a time when border controls were stricter.

Homeland Security Chair to Harris: To find the problem, look in the mirror

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) believes it was the Biden regime’s own policies that triggered the rush to the border early in 2021, creating the Biden border crisis.

“If Vice President Harris wanted to find the ‘root causes’ of our Southwest border crisis, it would require looking in the mirror,” Green explained. “Her own administration’s reckless open-border policies and refusal to enforce our nation’s laws have empowered cartels to take an unprecedented number of our sons’ and daughters’ lives with fentanyl.”

Illegal immigration spiked in 2021 after Joe Biden took an ax to Donald Trump’s successful border security policies and fully opened the border on day one of his Presidency.

And as a result, millions of illegal aliens are now pouring over the border each year, putting America’s national security, and its citizens’ well-being, in jeopardy.

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