Justice Sotomayor just destroyed the hopes and dreams of these desperate New York City employees

COVID vaccine mandates are one of the most egregious violations of our Constitution in living memory.

Recently the New York Supreme Court stood up for the workers and ruled NYC’s vaccine mandate for city workers unconstitutional.

Despite the ruling, the city hasn’t backed down on their mandate and Justice Sotomayor just destroyed the hopes and dreams of these desperate New York City employees.

New York Supreme Court ruled NYC vaccine mandate unconstitutional. But Mayor Adams refused to comply

Everyone remembers the state, local, and federal governments trying to unconstitutionally force Americans into getting the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Millions of people across the US were told that if they didn’t get the jab then they wouldn’t feed their families. 

It won’t be easy to forget.

Recently it seemed that justice was finally starting to pan out for those who stood up to the dictatorial mandates. 

The New York Supreme Court ruled in October that the mandate should be dropped and all those who lost their jobs should be restored with back pay.

But then the city did the unthinkable and refused to comply. 

They’re challenging the court ruling in federal court, which will further extend the battle.

Sotomayor rejects plea from workers and lets “NYC’s rampant religious discrimination continue”

That left the plaintiffs with one option. 

They sought emergency intervention with the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Unfortunately for them, their circuit is assigned to Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

And Justice Sotomayor rejected their case without even providing comment on the matter. 

She’s not required by law to provide comment or consult with colleagues – but on such a sensitive matter it might have lessened the blow.

An attorney representing the workers, John Bush, said that they are “disappointed that Justice Sotomayor is willing to allow NYC’s rampant religious discrimination to continue.”

In the filing with SCOTUS, the workers pleaded to return to work immediately. 

They said that the actions taken by New York City are violating their right to “freely exercise their faith by forcing them to choose.”

Despite ruling, plaintiffs continue to experience “loss of First Amendment rights”

The workers have proven that their objections are based on “sincere religious beliefs” and they feel that the city is destroying their lives for not choosing the vaccine over faith.

Their lawyers said in the filing that they were trying to receive immediate injunctive relief while the Second Circuit gets the case handled.

This prolonged battle is causing them “loss of First Amendment rights” and that the workers are “facing deadlines to move out of homes in foreclosure or with past-due rents.”

They cited “loss of their city health insurance” as a reason for decreased health. 

They also argue that their quality of life has been diminished. 

They can no   longer rely on “regular income” but instead are “resorting to food stamps and Medicaid just to keep their families afloat.”

NYC is choosing to put their workers out while looking out for “athletes, entertainers, and strippers”

Plaintiffs argue that the city favors “athletes, entertainers, and strippers over the hardworking firefighters, police, and emergency service personnel. It’s sad that “these city heroes have dedicated their lives to serving their neighbors and keeping their city running safely and efficiently.” 

One of the most memorable lines from the brief was that “the city never justified why an unvaccinated stripper can spend hours in close proximity to customers in an indoor venue, while a city sanitation worker cannot pick up refuse, outside, with virtually no person-to-person contact . . .”

This just adds to the list of policies that don’t make sense in Democrat-run cities.

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