Judge Judy fans are going bananas over this rare peek behind the curtain into the TV judge’s insane wealth

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Few realize that Judge Judy has long been one of the highest paid TV personalities on Earth making her one of TV’s wealthiest stars of all-time.

After being paid nearly $50 million per year to host the show and selling it’s rerun rights for a reported total of $100 million she’s amassed a level of wealth few can even imagine.

And now Judge Judy fans are going bananas over this rare peek behind the curtain into the TV judge’s insane wealth.

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”

For 25 seasons, Judy Sheindlin ruled the daytime airwaves with her courtroom arbitration show, Judge Judy.

Following 6,280 episodes, Sheindlin and CBS parted ways in 2021.

The tough-nosed attorney from Brooklyn then signed a historic deal bringing a new show, Judy Justice, to Amazon’s free streaming service, Freevee.

As part of the deal, Sheindlin also created another court show for Freevee, Tribunal Justice.

While Judy Justice has a different look and feel from her old Judge Judy show, it’s the same no-nonsense Judy with a short temper and even less patience for suffering fools.

After all, why change what works? 

Along with her success came money – lots of it. 

According to People, Sheindlin has a net worth of roughly $480 million.

All that cash allowed the television icon to purchase a multi-million-dollar home – a home that is now on the market. 

Don’t try to teach a pig to sing — it doesn’t work — and it annoys the pig

Page Six scored pictures of Sheindlin’s New York City deluxe duplex penthouse. 

Judy and her husband, Jerry, have decided to list the luxury condo for a healthy $9.5 million. 

Even in President Joe Biden’s bloated real estate market, that’s a lot of money. 

Judge Judy told the New York Times that at 81 and 90 years old respectively, she and her husband decided it was time to “simplify.” 

If the Sutton Place neighborhood home sells for the listing price, it would represent a million-dollar profit for the Sheindlins. 

However, the buyers will need deep pockets.

Along with the $9.5 million asking price, Page Six is reporting the listing also mentions more than $10,000 in monthly maintenance. 

“Beauty fades, dumb is forever”

But the new owners will get a lot for their money. 

The Manhattan home features a wraparound terrace with a panoramic view of the historic East River.

The paneled library comes complete with a working wood-burning fireplace. 

The chef’s kitchen includes a huge wood island and marble countertops. 

In the essence of class, the dining room contains floor-to-ceiling French casement doors. 

And the condo has one of the biggest and most beautiful bathrooms you’ll ever see. 

It’s not the “Man’s Bathroom” Tim Allen built on Home Improvement, but it’s a relaxing oasis any woman could get lost in and any man wouldn’t mind sitting to read the paper in. 

And again, it can all be yours for the price of $9.5 million and $10,000 in monthly maintenance.

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