Joy Reid was at a loss for words after Megyn Kelly put her in her place with one X post

Photo by Luke Harold, Public Domain via Wikimedia

Democrats’ media allies have gone all-in on pushing their woke extremist agenda.

That’s leaving them to defend the most insane and dangerous policies possible making them look like outright monsters in the process.

But Joy Reid was at a loss for words after Megyn Kelly put her in her place with one X post.

MSNBC has become nothing more than state TV for the Joe Biden administration

Like the rest of Democrats’ media allies, MSNBC’s Joy Reid cannot hold back her hatred for conservatives – and anybody else who disagrees with her politically – spewing hatred on a near daily basis.

Most recently, Reid hosted Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice to discuss most every working class parents’ efforts to have books that contain sexual graphic and age inappropriate content out of government school libraries.

More specifically, Justice was asked to defend her support for banning the book, All Boys Aren’t Blue, which contains graphic sex scenes and other explicit content that most every adult easily identifies as completely inappropriate for minor children.

Justice told Reid that she does not believe this content belongs in government school libraries, perplexing Reid, who could not understand why children as young as kindergarten should not be reading about sex toys and sexual assault.

Reid even went as far as to question the legitimacy of Justice’s concerns, and what authority she may have to propose banning such graphic and inappropriate books.

Soon after the interview, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly took to X to voice her frustrations with Reid.

“This idiot actually wanted to know what ‘expertise’ @4TiffanyJustice has to object to minors in school reading about strap-on dildos & incestual pedophilia,” Kelly wrote.

Thousands of concerned parents have joined Kelly in her outrage, leading 29 school districts across the nation to ban All Boys Aren’t Blue.

Advocates for books like these often claim that allowing children to read this sort of material helps them to expand their mind, while often omitting the graphic nature of these same books.

Democrats have developed a strange obsession with sexualizing children

The sexualization of children, or at the very least exposing children to graphic sexual content, has become a fixture for Democrats.

Whether it is teaching children about sex at a young age, or even facilitating permanent sex change operations for minors, this has become a core part of Democrats’ agenda.

Predictably, parents are up in arms over this widespread attempt to groom children, and many political experts think that this issue could be front and center this upcoming November.

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