John Kerry just said six words about oil and gas that will drive you wild

Failed Presidential candidate John Kerry has a very long history of saying stupid things, like exaggerating his military service in Vietnam.

Unfortunately for us, he is the man Joe Biden picked to represent the United States at globalist functions around the world.

And what he just said about American oil and gas may be the dumbest, if not the most infuriating, thing he’s said to date.

Pinheads and gas pumps

On June 6, America hit a grim milestone of sorts as it marked the day that the national average price for a gallon of gas doubled since Joe Biden took office.

And currently, the United States has experienced at least eighteen consecutive days of gas prices reaching record highs.

In order to alleviate some of the pain we’re experiencing at the pump, the Biden administration announced that they would release up to forty five million barrels of oil a day for six months from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

However, the delivery of this crude oil wouldn’t reach refineries until August 16 at the earliest.

And while the calls from Congress, including from members of Biden’s own party, have increased to at least pause the federal gas tax, Biden appears to be unwilling to consider it.

When asked by “journalists” about the idea, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “I don’t have anything new for you to announce on gas prices or the gas tax.”

This is particularly perplexing because it’s beginning to look even more like Biden is playing politics with Americans at the pump.

The gas tax holiday has long been a Republican proposal that would easily pass through Congress, especially given the amount of pain Republican and Democrat constituents are experiencing.

However, instead of wholeheartedly embracing the idea, Biden is cozying up to foreign dictators and begging them to increase oil production.

And according to reports, Biden is planning on visiting Saudi Arabia later this month, which is a dramatic shift in his foreign policy since the president once wanted the country to be made a “pariah.”

John and Joe say “NO, NO!”

Another Republican idea that the Biden administration could and should embrace is to immediately increase domestic production of oil here in the United States of America.

Not only would this increase America’s energy independence but it would create more jobs and keep more money here in America.

But if Joe Biden is reluctant to increase America’s domestic oil production and thus hand Republicans a major win before the Midterm elections, John Kerry is absolutely opposed to the idea.

And when Kerry was asked about it at a recent event at the University of Southern California he said, “No, we don’t. We absolutely don’t.”

Now while this quote is unsurprising and infuriating, it does demonstrate just how out-of-touch the Biden administration is from the rest of the country.

With gas prices this high, the Biden administration should be doing everything possible to bring down prices.

Instead, they’re taking half-measures to possibly provide moments of temporary relief, just to keep the radical environmentalists in the Democrat Party happy.

Whether Biden and the Democrats will be politically rewarded for their stubbornness remains to be seen. 

However, if the results from the special election in Texas’ 34th District are any indication, that’s appearing to be an increasingly unlikely outcome.

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