John Kerry is touting the “success” of Joe Biden’s environmental extremist agenda on the campaign trail. But reality paints a much different picture.

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Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are desperate to convince working class Americans that their environmental extremist agenda hasn’t been a total failure.

As a result John Kerry has stepped down as “climate czar” to tout the “success” of Joe Biden’s environmental extremist agenda on the campaign trail.

But reality paints a much different picture.

From failed electric vehicle ventures to abandoned renewable projects, the Biden regime’s love affair with environmental extremism is unraveling, leaving working class Americans questioning the sanity of it all.

The once-hyped push for electric vehicles has proven to be a bust, with companies like Hertz selling off 20,000 electric cars from their fleet. 

Americans are rejecting the notion of being told what they can and cannot buy, whether it’s gas stoves, incandescent light bulbs, or gas-powered vehicles.

The reality is setting in that for the foreseeable future, the world will continue to run on fossil fuels.

Even Wall Street, once a stronghold of environmental extremist investments, is shifting its stance. 

ESG funds, with their high fees and avoidance of oil and gas stocks, are drying up. 

This about-face from financial elites signals a broader loss of confidence in Biden’s green agenda.

The recent acquisition of Southwestern Energy by Chesapeake Energy for $7.4 billion underscores the resilience of the fossil fuel industry. 

It is a clear message that Biden’s crackdown on oil and natural gas production has hit the brick wall of reality.

The combined companies will play a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for U.S. gas, essential for loosening Russia’s grip on Europe’s energy.

The contradiction in Biden’s approach is evident in his promise to NATO allies to ramp up LNG exports while simultaneously imposing regulations that make generating such supplies more costly and challenging. 

The proposed fines on methane emissions are just another hurdle in the regime’s misguided pursuit of a green utopia.

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East highlights the critical link between energy security and national security. 

While Russia and Iran fund their aggression through oil revenues, the Biden regime’s war on fossil fuels seems increasingly illogical. 

The delays in leasing, increased fees, and other obstacles imposed by the regime are hindering U.S. oil production at a time when global prices could benefit from an increase.

As Biden “climate czar” John Kerry prepares to join the campaign trail, attempting to spin Biden’s climate program as a success, the realities on the ground tell a different story. 

The enthusiasm for electric vehicles has waned, with Hertz facing financial losses due to the underutilization of its EV rental fleet. 

Democrats’ much-touted so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” – which Democrats claimed would lower inflation before they finally admitted it was actually an environmental extremist bill all along after inflation hold strong at 40-year highs – has faced criticism for its uncapped incentives that could lead to massive overspending.

The government’s track record of judging commercial success is dubious at best, with several businesses in the EV and battery space already filing for bankruptcy. 

The distribution of green funds, overseen by political figure John Podesta, raises concerns about potential favoritism in toss-up states that could decide Biden’s fate in the upcoming election.

While Biden receives higher approval marks on climate change handling, few voters prioritize the issue. 

The failure of John Kerry’s diplomatic efforts to persuade major polluters, like Communist China and India, to commit to emission reductions exposes the world’s prioritization of economic success over climate activism.

In the grand unraveling of Biden’s green dreams, one cannot help but question the wisdom behind a trillion-dollar plan that seems more like a mirage than a solution. 

As Kerry exits the “climate czar” role, the future of Biden’s environmental extremist agenda hangs in the balance, and working class Americans are left wondering – is this the end of the road for the 46th President?

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