John Fetterman sounded a major alarm about 2024 that caught Democrats by total surprise

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

John Fetterman had something he needed to say.

Joe Biden was not happy to hear it.

And John Fetterman sounded a major alarm about 2024 that caught Democrats by total surprise.

Democrats’ 2024 strategy to this point has largely been based on their prior belief that their efforts to indict former President Donald Trump in all sorts of witch hunts would render him unelectable.

But with every new indictment they hit the former President with, he continues to increase his lead in polls, leaving many Democrats to begin worrying about Biden’s prospects against Trump.

One of the Democrats pressing the panic button on a potential rematch between President Biden and Trump is Senator John Fetterman (D-PA).

Senator Fetterman is reportedly telling aides in private that Trump is the one Republican who could once again win Pennsylvania.

“According to a senior Fetterman aide, the senator is predicting Biden will win reelection, but he now believes that Trump is the only candidate in the entire 2024 GOP primary field who can compete — particularly in Pennsylvania,” Rolling Stone reported.

Fetterman claimed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ efforts to stand up to the woke extremist Walt Disney Company would doom him in the Keystone State.

“Fighting Mickey Mouse doesn’t play in PA,” Rolling Stone reported Fetterman as saying, although it’s highly unlikely he said it that clearly.

Senator Fetterman also warned Democrats that they should dismiss Trump’s chances to win Pennsylvania – and thus the General Election – at their own peril.

“Fetterman says Trump, in contrast, is a candidate to be taken seriously in Pennsylvania, and that anyone who doesn’t is simply being too arrogant,” Rolling Stone added.

The latest round of polling data suggests that Senator Fetterman is not blowing smoke, or that Democrats are running some psyop to trick Republicans into nominating Trump.

A McLaughlin and Associates poll showed Trump leading Joe Biden 46% to 44% in a potential rematch.

President Biden is an historically weak incumbent.

His advanced age coupled with his physical and mental decline leaves few Americans with a desire to see Biden to run for re-election, as they understand he is unlikely to serve a full second term if he wins, meaning Vice President Kamala Harris would likely become President by default.

Donald Trump could easily win a general election.

And John Fetterman understands that better than anyone.

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