John Fetterman completely embarrassed himself on national TV by making this oblivious statement. But the problem is he has no idea

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats have a special talent for projecting their own shortcomings on their political opponents.

At this point virtually everything they attack Republicans for is actually an indictment of their own Party.

And now John Fetterman completely embarrassed himself on national TV by making this oblivious statement.  But the problem is he has no idea.

John Fetterman is talking out both sides of his mouth

Senator John Fetterman (R-PA) was famously elected to the Senate while recovering from a stroke that left him hospitalized for much of his campaign. 

When he emerged from the hospital, he revealed that the stroke had left him with a disability that keeps him from understanding what is being communicated to him while also rendering him nearly incapable of stringing coherent sentences together.

The people of Pennsylvania still voted to elect Senator Fetterman by a near 5-point margin over Trump-endorsed candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

In the months following his election, the Democrat Senator was ridiculed as most everyone not brainwashed by the woke extremist mindvirus questioned his ability to do his job. 

During a Senate panel last month, Fetterman got teary-eyed as he described his experience being targeted for his “disability.” 

“I was lucky to go through my life, the vast majority of that, without this kind of disability that I have,” Fetterman said, adding he wanted to know how lawmakers could become more “empathetic.”

But now, he seems to be turning the tables on – himself.

Fetterman says it’s “scary” there are “less gifted” Republicans in government

Fetterman recently joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show for an interview in which the two woke extremists discussed the state of American politics and lawmakers’ inaptitude for the job. 

Asking Fetterman about his relationship with colleagues, Colbert asked Senator Fetterman about his  relationships with his Senate colleagues, suggesting he is some sort of social media master.

“Is it awkward to be in the Capitol and then run into these people that you have put up a devastating meme about — because you’ve got an excellent meme game — but then you have to see these people in the cafeteria?” Colber asked.

“You all need to know that America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington, D.C.,” Fetterman responded.

“Sometimes you literally can’t believe these people are making decisions that are determining the government here. It’s actually scary,” Fetterman said. 

The Democrat Senator said “less gifted” Republicans would have preferred to see the government shutdown, but his Party prevented it.

Social media users didn’t hold back, though, after this viral video made its rounds.

Social media erupts in laughter at Fetterman’s lack of personal reflection

Comedian Tim Young quickly jumped at the opportunity to explain to people what they just saw. 

“’America is not sending their best and brightest, you know, to Washington, D.C.,’ read John Fetterman because he can’t pass a cognitive test…,” Young wrote. “He was also wearing a nice hoodie and shorts for this tv appearance.”

Many simply laughed at the audacity of Fetterman calling out America for electing people who aren’t intelligent.

Citizen Free Press suggested Senator Fetterman should “look in the mirror,” while CJ Pearson – who was a conservative before turning into a Bernie Sanders supporter and then turning back into a “conservative” – said “Pot, Meet Kettle.”

Benny Johnson sarcastically praised the Senator, saying that “for once in his life, John Fetterman is correct. But is he aware that includes himself is the question.”

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