Joe Scarborough just used two words to describe himself that will make you laugh out loud

MSNBC’s talking heads are completely unhinged.

And they’re leading the charge to push the left-wing narrative that Republicans are “domestic terrorists.”

And Joe Scarborough just used two words to describe himself that will make you laugh out loud.

Scarborough loved Trump before he hated him

In 2017, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough supposedly left the Republican Party – in reality, it happened years before – and became an independent voter due to his hatred of Donald Trump.

However, throughout the 2016 campaign, Scarborough and his wife/co-host Mika Brzezinski routinely had Trump on their show for friendly interviews.

At one point, Scarborough even joked about being Trump’s running mate.

But everything changed when Trump actually won the Republican nomination, and the Democrat National Committee sent out new marching orders.

The Fake News Media loved Trump when the belief was that Jeb Bush represented the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton’s inevitable Presidency.

Once Trump became the leader in the clubhouse, everything changed.

Scarborough suddenly became a raging Never-Trumper, and began pushing one Democrat talking point after another.

Joe Scarborough tells a whopper

But during a recent interview with fellow Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes, Scarborough had the audacity to call himself “very conservative.”

“You and I, we are both very conservative,” Scarborough claimed. “You know, I actually, I told people who watch the show. I warned them, right? I’m not a member of the resistance. I am repeatedly, I’m very conservative on crime. I never thought that the so-called ‘reforms’ were a good thing.”

“You know, I’m very conservative on illegal immigration,” he continued. “I think that if you come to America, the first thing you do should not be illegal. You should not get in front of the line of people who want to come here from Pakistan or India or China or Ukraine or from across the world. I could go down the list. Very conservative!”

“And yet, when I saw Donald Trump saying, in early December, talking about a Muslim registry and a Muslim ban,” Scarborough claimed. “I said, ‘I could never vote for that guy.’”

Scarborough’s statement is laughable.

First, he has not been a stalwart for the conservative position on crime, immigration, abortion, freedom of religion, or any other issue.

Second, Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” was simply a travel restriction during a very tumultus, dangerous time from countries with volatile governments that make it difficult to properly vett immigrants.

All of the countries on the list didn’t even have majority Muslim populations, and the restriction was based on a similar list from the Obama administration.

Joe Scarborough is an establishment shill, but he’s attempting to paint himself as some sort of “conservative.”

Nobody believes that, of course – certainly not Brzezinski, who was trying to keep a straight face during the segment.

Does anyone actually believe that Joe Scarborough is “very conservative”?