Joe Rogan took the gloves off and absolutely destroyed Bud Light with two brutal words

Screenshot via YouTube, Joe Rogan

The fallout from Bud Light’s woke fiasco is still raging strong.

The woke left-wing outrage mob’s power over culture is starting to wane.

And Joe Rogan took the gloves off and absolutely destroyed Bud Light with two brutal words.

The Bud Light boycott broke through from a grassroots movement against the beer brand’s efforts to force woke extremism on its customers through a partnership deal with a transgender extremist.

On a recent episode of the most popular podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience, host and comedian Joe Rogan ripped Bud Light for completely botching this crisis while discussing the matter with rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, Ice Cube.

Rogan marveled at the message working class Americans sent the company to stay out of culture war politics with four straight months of a boycott that saw Bud Light’s sales decline by 24%.

“The only time [capital] respects opinions is when people boycott shit and it works like this Bud Light thing, and now people are like, ‘Don’t do that again,’” Rogan declared.

Bud Light is no longer the number one beer in America, and a plant in North Carolina that bottles Bud Light shut down, leaving 400 workers unemployed, due to the declining demand for the beer.

Ice Cube claimed the only reason Bud Light executives would make such an insane decision to promote woke extremism is if they’re purposefully trying to destroy the company’s brand.

“Who controls Bud Light?” Ice Cube asked. “That’s the question. Why would they make a dumb decision like that? Are they trying to ruin Bud Light? Are they trying to take down some of our most iconic American brands?”

Rogan slammed Mulvaney – who is a biological male who dresses and acts like a 12-year-old girl – for being an “attention whore,” and ridiculed Bud Light for forgetting their customer base was largely working class Americans who aren’t going to give their hard earned money to a company that uses those profits to advance an agenda they are fundamentally opposed to.

“Take a brand like Bud Light,” Rogan said. “It’s for blue-collar drinking people and they like to watch football and drink Bud Light and then all of a sudden you have this mentally ill person who’s just an attention whore.”

“People are sick of this shit,” he added. “They’re sick of social things that are controversial, getting stuffed into your face and where you have to accept it, and people are like ‘I don’t wanna accept it. I’m just here for fucking toilet paper.”

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