Joe Rogan just made one admission that will have every Trump supporter over the moon

Screenshot via Youtube,StevenCrowder

Joe Rogan is the most influential podcaster in the world.

Now it looks like he may just use his platform in a way that would tremendously benefit Donald Trump.

And Joe Rogan just made one admission that will have every Trump supporter over the moon.

You are a wanted consumer for politics

One of the hardest parts about politics is reaching voters. 

That’s why during campaign season, countless ads fill TV airwaves – campaigns do everything they can just to catch voters’ attention for a few seconds. 

And believe it or not, it’s actually pretty difficult to get anyone’s attention, as everyone’s days are filled with thousands of different distractions. 

Just listening to the radio for an afternoon drive home will leave you hearing at least 30 different ads and at least a dozen talking points. 

And throughout the day, you are dealing with endless means of communication that are all  fighting to occupy your mind. 

But some have figured out just how to get – and keep – people’s attention.

These days, no one does it better than the most influential podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan.

Rogan’s nearly daily Joe Rogan Experience podcast is the most listened to podcast in the world with nearly 11 million downloads per episode, giving him a far bigger platform from simply sitting down and talking to interesting people for two to three hours than many mainstream news networks combined.

In the month of June alone, The Joe Rogan Experience racked up a mind-boggling and unprecedented 190,000,000 total downloads, easily outpacing every other podcast.

So needless to say, if you want to get a message out, Rogan is the guy to go to.

Trump on Rogan’s podcast?

In the past, though, Rogan hasn’t been the biggest fan of hosting politicians on his show – he’s only done a handful of purely political interviews over the past 14 years.

And when it comes to former President Donald Trump specifically, he has been a bit more hesitant – that is, until the past few years happened, and the long-time anti-establishment liberal began truly understanding how far gone the Left truly is, and just how much the media is lying to protect them.

And what he just said about Trump should have all of the former President’s supporters excited.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan went on a tirade against President Joe Biden, and once he finally paused to take a breath, his guest, entrepreneur and podcaster, Patrick Bet-David, responded by asking Rogan, “So, when are you having Trump on?”

Without missing a beat, Rogan replied, “I don’t know,” while making a look on his face.

“The look,” Bet-David responded. “Looks like you got something.”

“I don’t know – maybe,” Rogan said, seemingly considering the possibility of hosting Trump for the first time. “At a certain point in time, it’s just like. It would be interesting to hear his perspective on a lot of things.”

If you are a Trump supporter, you want him to appear on Rogan’s show, as it will put the former President in front of voters he likely wouldn’t have been able to speak to directly otherwise.

And now it seems like Joe Rogan is closer than ever to inviting Donald Trump on the biggest podcast in the world.

Should Joe Rogan have Donald Trump on his show?