Joe Rogan just made himself a top target of the Biden regime after he pointed out this evidence of Democrats’ election meddling

Screenshot via YouTube, Joe Rogan

The media is desperately trying to control how working class Americans view politics today.

Their narrative is quickly dissolving as the growth of independent media outpaces their ability to spin.

And Joe Rogan just made himself a top target of the Biden regime after he pointed out this evidence of Democrats’ election meddling.

Joe Rogan sits down with libertarian activists Dave Smith to discuss the state of America

Joe Rogan has long been a self-described “bleeding heart liberal” who for some time believed that Democrats were more in line with his libertarian leanings.

But things started to shift for him after the COVID-19 pandemic.

While his opinions on individual freedom haven’t really changed, the fact that he has seen the light and is now attacking Democrats for their authoritarian tendencies, Democrats and their media allies have labeled him a “right-wing extremist” for having the audacity to question their narratives.

Now, Rogan is making heads spin around the country after a recent podcast with his fellow comedian, and popular libertarian activist, Dave Smith.

Smith proudly represents the Mises Caucus of the Libertarian Party, and has been a vocal critic of corruption in politics and the ever-growing power of the ruling class elites.

Rogan and Smith carried on a nearly 3-hour long conversation spanning topics like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the COVID pandemic and response, Democrats’ weaponization of the justice system, and more notably the 2020 Presidential election, which has been a controversial topic in recent years.

Rogan calls the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop evidence of election meddling

The two popular podcasters delved into the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and how it might have impacted the outcome of the election.

Rogan said that there is “no better evidence” of election interference than the letter that was signed by members of the intelligence community to help the suppression.

“Was it 51 intelligence officials that signed off on the fact that he Hunter Biden laptop was disinformation?” Rogan asked Smith.

Smith responded, “Yes, I believe including four former heads of the CIA.” He was of course noting the signing of John Brennan, Leon Panetta, Michael Hayden, and Mike Morell. He added that it was “really something” that no one has made any “demand for accountability.”

Smith said that he wanted these people to “explain” themselves and how it was that they came to “sign off on this blatant election interference…” 

“They know this whole thing is illegitimate,” he added. “Like, you stole it, and they really did. They really did. I mean they suppressed the October bombshell that would have very likely tipped the election in Trump’s favor.”

It only took years for the truth to come out about these crooked intelligence officials.

Many of the intelligence officials that signed off on the letter were Biden donors

Of the 51 intelligence officials who signed off on the letter that described Hunter’s laptop as “Russian disinformation,” at least 12 of them also helped the Biden campaign with tens of thousands of dollars in contributions during the 2020 election cycle.

American Accountability Project President Tom Jones slammed the actions by the letter signers as politically-motivated, and an attack on institutional trust in America.

“If the letter was supposed to be an objective political assessment, that’s not done by people who spend their time making large political donations,” Jones said, adding that the letter “should have been discounted from day one, and it really calls into question whether you should ever trust these people again.”

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