Joe Biden’s White House just invented the worst lie yet about the rampant inflation crisis he claims does not exist

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Joe Biden’s radical regime has wreaked havoc on the American economy.

Working class Americans have spent the last few years facing a skyrocketing cost of living while the Democrat President continues to gaslight them over the reasons why.

And now Joe Biden’s White House just invented the worst lie yet about the rampant inflation that he continues to claim does not exist.

Watching Democrats justify the skyrocketing cost of living that working class Americans are facing under President Joe Biden has left economists scratching their heads.

First, Democrats pushed for mass scale lockdowns in the wake of COVID-19, forcing workers to leave their job posts if they were not deemed to be an “essential worker.”

Then, the Left used the new job numbers as a way to falsely claim that former President Donald Trump was actually killing jobs in the U.S.

After Biden took office, COVID appeared to be on the retreat, prompting employers to try and bring workers back.

Democrats then used the number of employees returning to their job as a way to artificially claim that Biden had created a record number of jobs, despite employment levels still not having returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Biden continues to levy massive taxpayer-funded handouts, which has discouraged many from re-entering the workforce.

From refusing to address the Biden border crisis, and shelling out tens of billions in taxpayer dollars to the ruling class elites’ proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, the economy continues to show signs of strain.

Gas and home energy costs continue to skyrocket, while basic grocery costs keep going up as well.

Economists warned Biden from the very beginning that his planned record-breaking government spending would cause harsh prices for American consumers, but he didn’t listen.

Instead, Biden planned to shell out billions of tax dollars to his usual political allies, continue bailing out Democrat-controlled states with radical socialist budgets, while paying people more to not work despite the pandemic being over.

Biden would, then, shift the blame elsewhere, as he usually does. When Americans begged for relief, all Biden had to offer was more lies.

According to this regime, when the economy is struggling, it’s everyone else’s fault. When the economy shows signs of confidence, it’s solely his work that caused it.

Just this past week, the Biden regime invented their worst lie yet about the rampant inflation that he claims to not exist.

President Biden wants us to believe that high gas prices are actually the result of greedy gas station owners, that food producers are shorting consumers on goods, while refusing to accept his role in any of the economic pain working class Americans are facing.

These claims follow a recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) report that informs the country on where inflation rests currently.

While the report displayed that inflation is likely going to continue, a Biden regime official went on national television to try and tell consumers that the report was actually misleading, while claiming the economy has fully recovered.

According to a report from Breitbart, White House National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard told CNBC’s Money Movers that there are probably, “some anomalies in today’s report,” while repeating the same claim that the economy is good.

“You know what, I always look at the data picture. I don’t overly weight one data point. And the overall picture looks good,” told Brainard to CNBC.

The Biden official continued by claiming that “one data point I just noticed today, or one milestone I noticed today is that, actually, real wages are up by 3.4% over the cycle. That means that Americans have more money to spend at the end of the month. That is the best real wage performance of any recovery in 50 years.”

Co-host Sara Eisen even raised an eyebrow to this claim, because any American can tell that price increases still continue to outpace wage growth.

“But if our prices of food and shelter and insurance, basic costs of living, are stubbornly high and continue to rise, isn’t that problematic?” The CNBC co-host responded.

With a smile, Brainard touted the newest lie from this regime that companies are just capitalizing on previously placed pandemic regulations and are refusing to let up, despite years of warnings that Biden’s spending would cause this exact problem.

“The President’s going to continue emphasizing that input costs have come down, supply chains have healed, and he’s going to keep calling on corporations to pass those savings on to the American consumer,” Brainard stated, shifting the blame away from Biden.

As long as the White House continues to lie in order to manufacture this image that Biden has done all that he can to help, just as he has done with the border, it is unlikely that relief will ever come from this regime.

The White House continues to blame producers, while artificially jacking up costs through public spending, all at the expense of working class Americans.

Voters clearly see through this bald faced lie, however, and the polls continue to reflect that.

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