Joe Biden’s White House is in desperation mode after getting this devastating news

At this point, it is a well-known fact that the Biden family is a collection of corrupt scoundrels. 

And when it comes to Joe Biden, access is always available to the highest bidder.  

But now Joe Biden’s White House is in desperation mode after getting this devastating news. 

The Biden crime family is at it again, this time from a surprising source

It is no secret that Joe Biden and his family are as corrupt as they come, even in the corrupt world of politics . 

This is especially true for Joe Biden’s delinquent, crack-smoking son Hunter Biden, who seems to find himself in a new scandal every week. 

One member of the Biden family who does not get much attention is Joe’s brother, Frank Biden. 

Over the decades, Frank Biden has done an effective job of staying out of the media spotlight, that is until now. 

In a recently uncovered video recording, it appears obvious that Frank Biden was boasting about his access to his powerful brother. 

Last October, at an event in Venice, Italy, Frank Biden gave a keynote address at a BioSig Technologies conference about “the future of global health care.”

For reference, BioSig Technologies is a large health technology company, and it appears as if they paid for Frank’s trip to Venice.  

At the conference, Frank Biden said “the bully pulpit that I have as a result of the privilege of being associated with my brother Joey,”

He later added “I will do everything in my power to support you to get the job done, to get federal dollars to your research.”

These remarks are the definition of corruption and prove that Frank Biden is effectively selling access to his President brother to powerful companies and other special interests. 

It is unclear if Frank Biden was paid directly for this speaking engagement, however just the all-expense paid trip to Venice is certainly a nice reward. 

This speech, along with any other examples of corruption that House Republicans are uncovering, must be investigated immediately. 

Flagrant corruption like this does not belong in American politics, especially when the President of the United States is so closely involved. 

House Republicans will have their hands full in the coming months

The good news is, new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has appointed some very strong conservatives to important positions on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees. 

However, given the long list of crimes and scandals being committed by Joe Biden and his comrades, it may be difficult for House Republicans to investigate all of them in a timely manner. 

Republicans in the House will have to focus on the most egregious of Biden’s offenses, and without a doubt Joe Biden using his family to effectively sell access to the White House is very egregious and warrants an immediate investigation. 

The time is way past due for Republicans to finally put an end to the Biden Crime Family

No family in America should expect to be treated better just because they have political power. 

The rule of law must be enforced.

U.S. Political Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.