Joe Biden’s unrelenting attacks on Republicans may push the country into a civil war

Joe Biden seems like he only wants one thing.

And that’s American citizens fighting one another in the streets.

Now Biden’s unrelenting attacks on Republicans may push the country into a civil war.

Summer of love and terror was their only chance to take control

2020 was an incredibly rough year for Americans.

It started out with just COVID-19, which was rough enough.

Then it quickly morphed into what some called the “Summer of Love.”

Of course, that summer was not full of love but instead acts of terror in city streets across America.

We experienced domestic terror at unprecedented levels.

More than 25 Americans were murdered during riots and widespread looting.

More than $2 billion in property damage was done to people’s homes and small businesses.

Conservatives blasted the violence in the streets.

But Democrats and members of the corporate-controlled press referred to them as “mostly peaceful protests.”

Socialist Democrats in Congress tried to use the unrest as a catapult to power.

Even Kamala Harris was participating in fundraising to bail out violent offenders.

Biden declared victory in speech full of lies

Then the 2020 elections happened, and the Democrats declared “victory.”

Joe Biden was their only notable win in the 2020 elections.

Democrats gained just three seats in the Senate and Republicans gained 16 seats in the House. 

This was regarded as a draw in the ongoing fight for control of the government.

Now it seems, Biden wants nothing more than to provoke violence from the Right.

On Labor Day, he gave a speech in Milwaukee to major union groups.

He took his opportunity there to declare victory over Big Pharma, inflation, and concerns over pensions.

Telling union employees that they “defeated Pharma” is an outright lie.

Most of them were forced to pad Big Pharma’s pockets through vaccine mandates at work.

Biden claimed, “COVID no longer controls our lives . . . more people applied to start small businesses . . . wages are up . . .”

All of this, he said, is despite gridlock by Republicans in Congress.

Let’s review this.

COVID never controlled our lives – Biden and Democrat Governors in blue states tried to through executive dictates.

Democrat politicians destroyed most small businesses through their mandates – forcing them to rebuild.

Today, hourly wages are up, but overall earnings are down and so is the spending power of the US Dollar.

A desperate attempt to push Americans back into a period of violence

After a long list of Biden’s make-believe victories, he closed his speech attacking the opposition.

He started with totally false remarks, “Look, extreme MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and our economic security, they embrace political violence.”

The problem there is that we haven’t seen any political violence in the streets since radical leftists burned and looted in the so-called “Summer of Love” 2020 outside of violent leftists trying to assassinate a conservative Supreme Court Justice and those who firebomb Catholic churches and crisis pregnancy centers in response to the Dobbs decision.

He then turned on the Congressmen who are fighting for the J6 defendants, “To this day, MAGA Republicans in Congress defend the mob that stormed the Capitol, and people died later. Senator Johnson said it was a — ‘by and large a peaceful protest.’”

People died later . . . the only law enforcement official who died in a death the Fake News Media tried to claim was related to the protest was Brian Sicknick and a medical examiner determined he died of unrelated natural causes. 

“…we have to be stronger and more determined and more committed to saving American democracy than the MAGA Republicans and that guy walking out the door are [to] destroying democracy,” Biden raged.

America isn’t a Democracy, Mr. President.

We are a Constitutional Republic.

Biden’s only concern is pushing us into violence.

It worked for him to take power in 2020.

He’s now hoping it will help to keep him there. 

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