Joe Biden’s new scheme to spend hundreds of millions of your tax dollars on left-wing special interests will turn you red with rage

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

Even though America is facing serious economic uncertainty, Democrats are determined to keep spending money he does not have. 

Democrats’ addiction to wasteful spending is wreaking havoc on the value of the dollar which hits working class Americans the hardest. 

And Joe Biden’s new scheme to spend hundreds of millions of your tax dollars on left-wing special interests will turn you red with rage.

Even on the brink of recession, Biden is determined to bankrupt America

It is no secret that the federal government has a very serious spending addiction. 

Instead of slowing down spending, President Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies are determined to keep spending, even if it means destroying the American economy – and by extension, the global economy. 

On Monday, President Biden and his regime pledged another $600 million in federal spending to “address climate change.”

“The funding will support innovative coastal resilience and adaptation solutions, such as building natural infrastructure, planning and preparing for community-led relocation, and protecting public access to coastal natural resources, that protect communities and ecosystems from sea level rise, tidal flooding, hurricanes, storm surge, among other severe climate impacts.,” the Biden regime claimed in a statement.

More specifically, the Biden regime hopes to spend $575 million to reinforce coastal infrastructure, and $67 million to protect California’s failing, overburdened power grid – which the state should have addressed on its own decades ago – from weather events.

Just last April, the Biden regime announced over $1 billion in spending for the environment via the United Nations Green Climate Fund. 

The Biden regime did not specify where they plan to acquire these funds, but it can be assumed that taxpayers will carry the burden once again. 

It is also unclear if non-Californians will be expected to foot the bill for this massive project that exclusively benefits California after they created this mess all on their own, and continue to elect the same Democrat politicians who created the entire fiasco over and over again.

From day one, President Biden has made it very clear that climate change is the vehicle he and Democrats have chosen to complete their “fundamental transformation of the United States,” however, many Democrats are unsatisfied with the job he has done on that front. 

Biden is feverishly trying to buy Americans’ approval with their money

As it stands, Biden is very unpopular with the American people, and poll after poll proves this. 

According to Real Clear Politics, his average approval rating sits at just 41%.

However, one poll recently conducted by Daily Kos and Civiqs showed President Biden’s approval rating at 37%. 

In order to improve his horrible approval rating before the 2024 election, Biden is doing everything in his power to bow down to the radical Left. 

That means spending as much as possible on left-wing special interest projects, like the one in California he hopes to facilitate. 

In the coming weeks, the President is expecting to hit the campaign trail as he prepares for next year. 

Joe Biden has some work to do if he hopes to serve another four years as President, especially given his pathetic approval ratings. 

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