Joe Biden’s new green scheme will be nothing but a gut punch for every working class American

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Joe Biden is trying to fundamentally transform the country.

His radical agenda comes with an enormous cost.

And Joe Biden’s new green scheme will be nothing but a gut punch for every working class American.

President Joe Biden’s green energy agenda is dead on arrival in Congress with Republicans controlling the House.

He’s getting ready to use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make the most sweeping change to energy policy of his Presidency.

The EPA is poised to issue a regulation that will require power plants using coal and natural gas to cut carbon emissions to fight climate change.

Power plants generating electricity from fossil fuels will be required to substantially curb emissions by using carbon capture technology.

Carbon capture technology would allow power plants to capture the majority of their emissions before they’re released into the atmosphere – in theory.

No power plants in the country are currently using this new technology.

This aggressive new regulation would help achieve President Biden’s goal of making 80% of the country’s electricity zero carbon by 2030.

This would be the most stringent regulation ever imposed on power plants, and it would be a disaster for the public.

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that carbon capture technology would drive up the cost of electricity anywhere from 30% to 50%, depending on the type of power plant.

Australia’s Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) found that using carbon capture technology would raise the price of electricity an eye-popping 95% to 175%.

Many working class Americans are already struggling to make ends meet in the Biden economy as inflation is running rampant.

Now, the President wants to take more money out of working class Americans’ wallets. 

Energy prices are skyrocketing after Biden declared war on American energy production, and doubling electricity prices could be the best-case scenario under the new EPA regulation.

Sending the cost of electricity through the roof would devastate the manufacturing industry that relies heavily on cheap energy, and drive the American economy into the ground.

Even worse, this new technology isn’t ready for mass use.

Globally, 90% of carbon capture projects have failed at the implementation stage or were abandoned altogether, according to IEEFA research.

A recent Stanford University study found that carbon capture ended up increasing the amount of air pollution, while research from the University of California-Berkeley found that carbon capture doubles the use of water in an area.

That would be devastating for areas of the country that are suffering from drought or water shortages.

Carbon capture will send electricity costs soaring while doing more harm to the environment that President Biden claims his policies are designed to protect.

The proposed regulation would be a boon for green energy sources of power favored by the Biden regime, like wind and solar.

The EPA’s carbon capture rule is set to hit every American in the wallet to advance Joe Biden’s green energy agenda. 

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