Joe Biden’s game-changing failure with these key voting blocs has Donald Trump grinning from ear-to-ear

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Joe Biden needs all the help he can get if he wants any chance of a second term in the White House.

After a first term working class Americans almost universally recognize as a total disaster, he’ll need traditional Democrat voters to come out in droves to have any hope in 2024.

And just in time for election season Joe Biden’s game-changing failure with these key voting blocs has Donald Trump grinning from ear-to-ear.

Joe Biden’s unfavorable Presidency

President Joe Biden’s only sitting in the Oval Office after supposedly “winning” one of the closest, most controversial Presidential elections in U.S. history.

Despite a majority of American voters – including a plurality of his fellow Democrats – not wanting him to seek re-election in 2024, Biden has stubbornly decided to plow forward with seeking a second term in the White House.

However, the combination of an abysmal economy, record-breaking inflation and gas prices, surging crime, a border crisis, a drug overdose epidemic, chaos in government schools, and many more policy failures, President Biden’s future prospects are heavily in doubt.

And it’s not helping the incumbent President that some of his most loyal voting constituencies are starting to lose faith in his abilities.

Biden’s struggles keeping Hispanic voters on the Democrat bandwagon have been well documented, especially in the 2022 Midterms, as Hispanic voters have evolved from a Democrat lock to a swing vote.

And things continue going from bad to worse for President Biden.

Biden losing black support

New polling analysis has indicated that Biden has the lowest support from the black community for any Democrat presidential candidate since former Democrat Vice President Walter Mondale lost to former President Ronald Reagan all the way back in 1984.   

The New York Times’ Nate Cohn recently analyzed the numbers of a brand new Siena College survey, and sent a dire warning to the Biden team about maintaining that level of support.

“Biden’s weakness among nonwhite voters is broad, spanning virtually every demographic category and racial group,” Cohn said of his analysis of the Siena poll. “Including a 72-11 lead among Black voters and a 47-35 lead among Hispanic registrants.”

A 72-11 lead might sound strong on its face.

Not so much when compared to the 92% of the black vote Biden secured in the 2020 election.

Democrats have managed to secure 91% of the black vote on average in each election since 2000.

If everything else was the same in 2024 as it was in 2020, but Biden only garnered 72% of the black vote, that would be enough to cost him many of the toss-up states that won him the Presidency.

Hispanics continue to flee the Democrat party

And that’s before you factor in his struggles with Hispanic voters.

As Cohn pointed out, Biden enjoys a 12-point advantage with Hispanic voters.

However, that’s down from the 59% of the Hispanic vote he received in the 2020 election.

The trend of Hispanic voters fleeing the Democrat party and voting Republicans has been increasing for a few election cycles now.

If the 12-point dip the Siena poll indicates has occurred since 2020 holds true, that could cost Biden key swing states, like Arizona and Nevada, in 2024.

“Democrats have lost ground among nonwhite voters in almost every election over the last decade, even as racially charged fights over everything from a border wall to kneeling during the national anthem might have been expected to produce the exact opposite result,” Cohn wrote. “If the gap persists until the election, it will raise the possibility that the political realignment unleashed by Mr. Trump’s brand of conservative populism has spread to erode the political loyalties of working-class voters, of all races, who were drawn to the Democrats by material interests in an earlier era of politics.”

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