Joe Biden’s FDA just made one regulatory change that will result in thousands of American deaths

The federal government has made it clear they don’t care about your health or your well-being. 

They care only about gaining more power and promoting their radical agenda no matter the cost.

Now Joe Biden’s FDA just made one regulatory change that will result in thousands of American deaths.

Does anyone trust the feds anymore?

Conservatives have always been skeptical of most agencies of our federal government. 

Everyone knows the IRS exists solely to steal your paycheck and make your life hell if you don’t give a large portion of your hard-earned money to the government to flush down the toilet. 

Ask any gun owner and they’ll tell you that the ATF is the closest thing our nation has to the Gestapo. 

And no one to the right of Mitt Romney trusts the FBI anymore after all they have done to discredit themselves.

But over the past few years, especially since COVID hit our shores, Americans are waking up to  what is going on with our so-called “medical experts” and especially federal agencies involved in health. 

Ever since the Communist Chinese Virus came to the United States, federal alphabet soup agencies like the CDC have been ruling our lives like tyrannical despots. 

They did everything to make our life a living hell during COVID – at one point you couldn’t even go to work unless they deemed you “essential.”

Your kids couldn’t get an education in person because they claimed in-person learning was too dangerous and put your kids’ future In harm’s way. 

And you could be arrested if you went to the playground with your kids or grandkids while some government official screamed at the top of his lungs about a CDC mandate that restricted your ability to enjoy the open air. 

Then once the jab was available, agencies like the FDA went in full swing making sure that your life and worth would be dictated by if you got their experimental shot. 

They lied to your face countless times on both its efficacy and safety just to prove a point that they are in charge. 

But that wasn’t enough. 

Now the FDA is coming out with a new regulation that will lead to the deaths of countless Americans.

Pill of Death at your local store

Mifepristone is the first drug used by many doctors to perform a killing of a baby inside the womb. 

It is used to dislodge the baby from the uterus wall and then followed up by a second drug to finish the baby off for good.

In the past, Mifepristone has been closely monitored and restricted and required patients to get it from a doctor directly or by a doctor’s order to a mailorder pharmacy. 

But now the FDA is giving the green light to put the baby killing drug in nearly every pharmacy in America. 

According to reports the FDA gave authorization to “allow pharmacies to offer the pills in stores or only via mail order.”

And big pharmacies like Walgreens are already eagerly lining up to carry the baby killing drug at your local store.  

The fight for life is just getting started with the overturning of Roe and the death cult is already out there trying to get a head start to end as many lives as they can before Americans realize what is really going on. 

Should your local pharmacy provide easy access to abortion pills?