Joe Biden’s economy just keeps getting worse and worse with this devastating news

The sinking economy is still one of the biggest threats to the future of America. 

Even though the markets are still teetering on a house of cards, most other factors are in the gutters. 

But Joe Biden’s economy just keeps getting worse and worse with this devastating news. 

The economy is on the verge of a total collapse

There is no denying it, the economy is in absolute shambles. 

This is true for just about every measurable aspect of the economy and is especially true for the out-of-control spike in inflation over the last couple of years. 

But another aspect of Joe Biden’s failing economy that is hurting consumers the most is the skyrocketing prices of groceries and other common goods. 

According to the Consumer Price Index, this coming Thanksgiving will be more expensive than ever for Americans. 

At the top of the list are eggs, which have risen in price by 43% since last year, and butter is in a close second at 34% higher than a year ago. 

And then of course there is Turkey, which is up 17% from just one year ago, and many experts believe that figure could jump to 23% by Thanksgiving. 

Other common goods that have skyrocketed in price include flour by 25%, potatoes by 15%, and bread by 15%. 

These are some of the most in-demand, staple food items for American consumers, and these price hikes are guaranteed to cause shoppers some considerable pressure at the grocery store. 

These are very significant price increases, especially for just a one year period. 

Make no mistake, Joe Biden and his Democrat allies in Washington, D.C. are entirely to blame for these extreme price hikes. 

How Joe Biden has managed to upend the economy in just two years

In just two years, Joe Biden and his radical allies in Washington, D.C. have managed to destroy the economy. 

Inflation and price hikes are the most noticeable ways he has done so, but the damage is much more severe than that. 

Supply chains for nearly every single good are broken and people are still refusing to go to work. 

Joe Biden’s socialist policies are undoubtedly to blame for this, and it looks like this will not change anytime soon. 

Joe Biden and his allies in Congress are printing money like there is no tomorrow to pay for his radical socialist agenda, which has caused considerable harm to the value of the dollar. 

To make matters worse, workers have been incentivized to stay home and not work, which is creating another economic crisis.
The truth is, the economy is only days away from a complete and total collapse if it has not happened already. 

Many Americans are completely unaware of the storm that is coming their way. 

If these current trends persist, then America could see even more inflation, even higher prices for common goods, and massive job losses. 

There is not much time to act, but with Joe Biden in the White House, it seems unlikely that any changes are imminent. 

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