Joe Biden’s dangerous speech is now leading radical left-wing journalists to declare war on Republicans

In his speech at Independence Hall, Joe Biden accused Republicans of encouraging “political violence.”

Polls found in the aftermath that Americans thought it was “designed to incite conflict.”

Joe Biden’s dangerous speech is now leading radical left-wing journalists to declare war on Republicans.

Biden thinks political violence is exclusively a right-wing problem

Joe Biden seems to be focused on dividing not only the Republican Party but the American people.

He claimed that we must “reject political violence with all the moral clarity and conviction this nation can muster,” but his associates and partners in the media are going the opposite direction.

Biden’s dramatic and dangerous “Soul of the Nation” speech explained violence is only a right-wing problem. 

He cited Charlottesville, insurrection, and gun violence as evidence.

But in the face of a divided nation, Biden and his Democrat colleagues have completely ignored something that everyone agrees on. 

We should have investigations into the violent and deadly BLM and Antifa riots of 2020.

Kamala Harris supported violence and looting directly by raising money to bail out offenders.

Joe Biden called the riots, “peaceful protests,” but now says, “we cannot normalize violence.”

Referring to burning buildings as “peaceful” is quite literally the definition of normalizing violence.

Biden and the corporate-controlled media are focusing on inciting conflict through threatening Americans with hypothetical acts of violence.

Democrats are at war with “evil people” and the “evil is spreading”

MSNBC recently had this motive on full display when Tiffany Cross hosted Roland Martin for an interview.

Roland Martin praised Joe Biden’s inflammatory speech, “It is about time Joe Biden decided to tough. It’s about time his advisors stopped being weak, and stopped impotent, and not fighting back. What these people want to do to this country is destroy democracy. They want to rig elections, so it requires you to stand strong. You don’t wilt under the pressure. Republicans and conservatives are weak. All they do is whine and complain.”

He further slammed Republicans as “evil.” 

Not stopping there, Roland continued, claiming that “They have allowed evil into their house with Donald Trump. He has now dominated the party. This is evil spreading.”

Martin also declared, “we are at war with these people [Republicans] . . . and when you are in a war footing, you have to respond accordingly.”

The host, Tiffany Cross, agreed with Martin saying, “Obviously Republicans are, I think, the biggest threat to democracy. We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Party anymore.”

So, in summary, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross is hosting guests to incite violence and push the country into further division. 

Biden’s speech “represents a dangerous escalation” and “is designed to incite conflict”

It would seem, they want Americans fighting in the streets and that’s why they continue to push this kind of threatening language.

Trafalgar Group conducted a poll in the wake of the Soul of the Nation speech.

They found nearly 60% of Americans believed his speech, “Represents a dangerous escalation in the rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans,” while only 36% considered it “acceptable campaign messaging.”

Polls aren’t written to determine who is right but rather the sentiment of the public. 

Poll after poll, data obviously show that many Americans feel like something dangerous is coming.

The majority think Biden is purposely pushing us in that direction.

Tiffany Cross with MSNBC says, “These days it feels like we’re not just on the brink of civil war, but that one has already begun.”

Normal Americans don’t want conflict in this country.

Let’s hope these left-wing nutjobs don’t succeed.

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