Joe Biden’s controversial student loan forgiveness plan outraged workers in this vital industry

Joe Biden’s new student loan handout program is poised to cost the United States a whopping $500 billion.

While the idea of forgiving some student loans might seem noble, many hard-working Americans see it as unfair.

And Biden’s controversial student loan forgiveness plan outraged workers in this vital industry.

Oil workers claim Biden’s plan is completely unfair

Americans working in the oil industry aren’t happy about Biden’s massive $500 billion student loan giveaway.

Many feel that it’s a direct attack on them as the administration continues to publicly demonize the oil and gas sector.

The workers claim that it’s completely unfair, and they feel they are responsible for funding the handout while others reap the benefits.

A large portion of oil workers don’t have a college degree, yet many people carrying student loan debt are poised to receive $10,000 or more in relief.

Founder of the Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA) Matt Coday stated that the giveaway is “one more slap in the face from this administration.”

Coday recently spoke to Fox Business in an interview, arguing that oil and gas workers are now “being asked to foot the bill.”

He also mentioned that many college-educated people think they’re smarter than the people who work in his industry, which is yet another insult.

However, Coday explained that people working in the industry are actually “some of the brightest minds.”

Illinois oil worker Ryan Shull feels like Biden and his administration are “trying to buy as many votes as they can with taxpayer dollars.”

He also claimed that this administration doesn’t really care about the working class or the students, either.

Democrats aren’t getting to the heart of the student loan debt issue, which is the high cost of college and doling out government-backed loans.

The fallacy of Biden’s loan handout plan is clear

Most people who work in trades attended formal training or paid for community college while working simultaneously to pay their debts.

In the meantime, these hard-working Americans see that Biden has never really had a real job and is nothing more than a career politician.

The demonization of the oil and gas industry by his radical left-wing base isn’t helping matters.

Most people in government have no idea how things like coal, crude oil, or natural gas work, nor do they understand the extremely hard work that goes into obtaining these resources.

Without fossil fuels, American commerce and the quality of life as we know it would cease to exist.

Aside from providing energy and fuel for vehicles, fossil fuels are required to manufacture everything from asphalt to plastics.

Texas oil field worker Andrew De La Rosa claimed that Biden’s administration will “put us out of business.”

De La Rosa also spoke to Fox Business and argued that Biden’s plan is “a slap to the face to people that have already paid off their student loans.”

Destroying the oil and gas industry will make America more dependent on imports from countries like China, even more so than we are right now.

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