Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is sweating like a pig after hearing this plan to hold him accountable

The Biden administration is currently in a state of utter chaos. 

One scandal after another is finally showing the American public that Joe Biden and his team are not equipped to lead America through these difficult times. 

And Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is sweating like a pig after hearing this plan to hold him accountable.

The American people deserve better than Joe Biden and his cronies

Numerous high-profile officials within the Joe Biden administration are facing some sort of scandal or controversy. 

This includes Attorney General Merrick Garland who is under increasing scrutiny for the DOJ’s actions.

The American people are outraged by the way he has done his job so far, and the seemingly pro-Democrat bias of the DOJ and FBI. 

After just a couple of years in office, it has been made painfully obvious that Merrick Garland is further weaponizing the FBI and Department of Justice to target conservatives, Christians, gun owners, and even the Trump family. 

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden does not care one bit, and in fact his administration is dead set on making the DOJ the law enforcement arm of the left. 

But for conservatives and Republicans it is time to start putting the brakes on Merrick Garland’s continual abuses of power. 

Congress has immense power when it comes to keeping the Executive branch in check, and it is about time they use it. 

Elections can be very ugly

On Fox News’ Life, Liberty, and Levin, host Mark Levin outlined just what House Republicans should do in the coming weeks and months to hold Merrick Garland accountable.

Levin stated, “We cannot allow an FBI and the Department of Justice that is politicized on behalf of the Democratic Party to be getting involved in challenges to elections. Elections can be very ugly. Challenges can be very ugly, but it is a purely political process. And in the end, Congress makes the final determination over electors, not grand juries controlled by Democrats.”

The conservative host added, “This needs to be an area where the FBI, the Department of Justice, US Attorneys simply cannot go. The Attorney General should be subjected to removal by a no confidence vote of Congress. It is too difficult to impeach an Attorney General and remove him from office. He is not in the Constitution. This is a position created by Congress, 1789, George Washington had the first Attorney General, the Department of Justice itself, the institution wasn’t created until 1870 under the proposal of Ulysses S. Grant. We need to make modifications to it.” 

On this note Mark Levin is exactly right. 

In today’s world, the Attorney General wields way too much power, way more than any of America’s Founding Fathers could have ever imagined. 

Instead of upholding federal law, the current Attorney General instead uses his twisted version of federal law to attack the political enemies of the sitting President. 

This is corruption at its absolute worst, and something must be done immediately to put an end to this overly powerful position. 

America deserves to have an Attorney General who is actually focused on upholding the laws of America. 

Merrick Garland must go as soon as humanly possible. 

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