Joe Biden woke up from his nap to discover some concerning news coming from outer space

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

While Joe Biden and his regime spend massive sums of American tax dollars on woke nonsense and Democrats’ witch hunts against Donald Trump America’s adversaries are on the march. 

War has broken out all across the world and many Americans fear that Joe Biden is simply not fit to deal with the job at hand.

And Joe Biden woke up from his nap to discover some concerning news coming from outer space.

Russia and China’s latest plan is straight out of an action movie

Ever since the last man stepped on the Moon in 1972, space agencies across the globe have schemed plans to send their own astronauts to the Moon. 

However, in a recently uncovered plan, it appears as if communist China and Russia have teamed up to achieve their own lunar mission. 

Instead of simply sending astronauts to the Moon to conduct basic exploration missions, experiments, and tests, these global powers want to build a nuclear reactor on the lunar surface. 

This scheme, which sounds like something straight out of an 80’s movie, was revealed after Yury Borisov, Director General of the “Roscosmos” State Space Corporation, announced the plan while speaking to a delegation of Russian students at the World Youth Festival.

“Today, we are seriously considering a project to deliver to the Moon and mount a power reactor there jointly with our Chinese partners somewhere between 2033 and 2035,” Borisov said.

“This is a very serious challenge… it should be done in automatic mode, without the presence of humans,” he added.

Borisov then expanded on the plan, saying that transporting materials to the Moon remains the biggest challenge. 

“We are indeed working on a space tugboat,” he claimed. “This huge, cyclopean structure that would be able, thanks to a nuclear reactor and high-power turbines…to transport large cargoes from one orbit to another, collect space debris and engage in many other applications.”

As far as Communist China is concerned, just last month Chinese officials unveiled their plans to put an astronaut on the surface of the Moon by 2030. 

The establishment of a nuclear energy plant on the Moon could allow future lunar expeditions to have access to large amounts of energy, allowing future astronauts to spend significantly longer amounts of time on the lunar surface, not to mention making travel to other parts of the solar system – possibly even intergalactic travel – much more of a realistic proposition.

Biden has once again proven he does not project strength to the world

No other regime in American history has placed such a heavy emphasis on DEI, and woke nonsense as the Biden regime has. 

These investments have projected weakness to nations like Russia and Communist China, who are advancing rapidly militarily and technologically. 

These hostile, rogue nations’ plans to build nuclear reactors on the Moon are a prime example of why former President Donald Trump established the Space Force, despite criticisms from the Left. 

Meanwhile, the Space Force has become inundated with wokeness, including the promotion of Bree Fam, a biological man who has since transitioned into a “woman,” who now serves as a Colonel. 

As woke extremist activists frolic through the halls of the United States military, Russia and Communist China – not to mention others – are finding new and creative ways to assert dominance over the land, seas, air, and space. 

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