Joe Biden was utterly humiliated by this shocking revelation

President Joe Biden delivers remarks to Department of Defense personnel, with Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Feb. 10, 2021. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

A quick glance at any reputable Presidential approval poll will tell you that Joe Biden is not well liked amongst voters. 

A major reason for that is the number of serious scandals that have so far rocked his regime.

But Joe Biden was utterly humiliated by this shocking revelation.

Biden is doing more to help foreign nations than America

Over the last two years, President Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear that the issues that matter most to the American people are simply not his priority.

Time after time, President Biden and his regime have gone to great lengths to assist foreign nations at the expense of struggling Americans.

Currently, the residents of East Palestine, Ohio and its neighboring communities are without drinking water, yet the President is galavanting across Ukraine while fake air strike sirens blare in the background of videos of his visit for dramatic effect.

Even more concerning, many foreign policy experts believe that Biden and his cronies have assisted some of America’s adversaries, including Communist China. 

One such expert is Breitbart News senior contributor, and Government Accountability Institute president, Peter Schweizer, who went on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures to discuss this serious problem. 

“Look, I think the investigation is ongoing,” Schweizer said. “I think the evidence continues to mount. The Biden team will not answer a basic question, which is when it comes to China, for example, you have three Chinese businessmen that funneled tens of millions of dollars to you.”

“They’re looking at money laundering,” he added. “They are looking at FARA violations. They are looking at political corruption. But I think really the intelligence component of this – a lot of people defending the Biden family are saying, ‘Well, show us the crime, show us the crime,’ which, of course, is a ridiculous standard.”

But it’s what Schweizer said next that left viewers speechless.

“The question is: Is the family compromised?” Schweizer added. “And you’re talking about the flow of money – tens of millions of dollars to this family – there is no discernible service.”

If these allegations are true, it could have major ramifications for President Biden, his family, and his regime. 

Communist China is widely considered to be an adversary of the United States, and working with them in such a capacity is nothing short of treason. 

What is next for Joe Biden and his corrupt family?

Moving forward, House Republicans must put this investigation at the top of their agenda. 

American lives are at risk as a direct result of Biden’s alleged criminal dealings, and stopping him must be a top priority. 

Instead of wheeling and dealing with enemy nations, like Communist China, President Biden should be focusing on the millions of Americans who are suffering right now. 

Whether it be the thousands of people affected by the train derailment in Ohio, or the millions of Americans who are afraid to leave their homes as a result of skyrocketing crime in Democrat-controlled cities, Biden owes it to them to do something. 

If House Republicans are able to prove Joe Biden and his family engaged in criminal acts with Communist China, at the very least, impeachment must be put on the table.

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