Joe Biden was shattered after this groundbreaking poll revealed how Americans really feel about him

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Joe Biden’s approval rating is in the gutters according to nearly every recent poll.

Americans are simply fed up with his disastrous regime.

But Joe Biden was shattered after this groundbreaking poll revealed how Americans really feel about him.

Americans are sick and tired of the Biden regime

The 2024 election is already heating up, and with primary races less than a year out, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is embarrassingly low. 

According to RealClearPolitics, Biden is sporting an average approval rating of just 41%, which is flat-out humiliating. 

A recent Quinnipiac poll shows that in a potential head-to-head rematch with former President Donald Trump, President Biden leads 48% to 44%, within the margin of error.

When ABC News unveiled this poll, host Jonathan Karl appeared very flustered, and did his best to figure out why so many working class Americans still support Trump after the federal indictments. 

He turned the floor over to DNC strategist Donna Brazile, asking her, “What does that say about Biden if he’s barely beating Trump?”

“It says the country is very divided,” Brazile replied. “The country is really looking to get beyond 2020. It says a lot about where we are as a nation and not where we are in terms of whose personally popular at this time.”

“I don’t know why anybody should go around talking about Donald Trump when you’ve created 13 million jobs, when you’ve got 35,000 projects all over the country invested in America, rural America to urban America,” she added. “I don’t know if anyone should spend all their time talking about a former president who’s been indicted and faced more charges when you talk about what you are doing to help the American people lower prescription drug prices.”

As Brazile points out, Democrats are fixated on Trump and the witch hunts surrounding him. 

Despite what Brazile says about Biden’s economic record, the President is actively destroying the economy, and Democrats know it. 

That is why they feel as if they have to take out Trump – the Democrat Party simply does not have a legitimate platform to campaign on that’s not dripping with woke extremism.

The worst has yet to come

Although the pundits at ABC were awestruck by the Quinnipiac poll, other polls have shown Trump and Biden in a statistical tie, as well.

In one recently released Harvard-Harris poll, Trump even led President Biden, 45% to 39%. 

What these polls prove is that America is not happy with the job that the Biden regime is doing, and they do not support the indictments being levied against Trump. 

When Joe Biden first became President he made a promise to heal a divided nation, but over the past year and a half, he has done everything in his power to tear it apart. 

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