Joe Biden was shaking in his boots after seeing polls indicating younger Americans are turning on the Left

Over the past decade or so, the Left has gone way overboard with their crazy social agenda. 

Democrats are now the party of child drag queens, hormone blockers for 7-year-olds, and lesbian Disney characters.

But Joe Biden was shaking in his boots after seeing polls indicating younger Americans are turning on the Left. 

The Left just keeps pushing the envelope further and further

As far as the Democrat Party and the political Left in America are concerned, there has been a massive shift to the extreme Left in recent years. 

In a desperate and pathetic attempt to out “woke” each other, leftists seem to come up with some new ridiculous and outlandish position each and every day. 

While it may have started with legalizing gay marriage, now leftists are fighting to give hormone blockers to young children and normalize child drag shows at strip clubs. 

What used to be considered child exploitation, endangerment, and even outright molestation is now the new normal for these sick perverts. 

And if you dare say anything about it then the Left will almost certainly try and deliver their ultimate form of punishment, cancellation. 

Whether it is advocating for World War III to defend Ukraine (a country, which, by the way, outlaws gay marriage), making every Disney movie full of gay and trans references, or mandating transvestites be allowed on cheer squads, the Left is more radical than ever before. 

When is enough going to be enough?

The major question at this point is, when are some of the more moderate liberals going to say enough is enough? 

Well the answer is, it’s already starting to happen. 

Outspoken liberal talk show hosts such as Bill Maher are sounding the alarm of extreme wokeism and the backlash it could create. 

And this backlash is well underway.  

Across America, even the most liberal cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco have seen major recall victories for the Right as a result of failed policies destroying their cities. 

And to make matters even worse for the Left, poll numbers are indicating that America is souring on their radical and extreme agenda. 

Young people are getting tired of “woke”

Historically, young people have consistently voted Democrat and are often the trailblazers for the Left’s radical political projects. 

This is partly due to their lack of understanding of how the world works, and partly due to the Marxist indoctrination they receive in America’s colleges.

But in a recent poll taken by the far-left extremist group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, young people made it clear that wokeism is starting to get out of style. 

According to this study,  34% of younger Democrat women also agreed that “transgender people are trying to indoctrinate children into their lifestyle,” 37 % agreed that “gender ideology has corrupted American culture,” and 27% said, “transgender people are a threat to children.” 

And as far as feminism, nearly half of male respondents agreed that feminism has done more harm than good to this country. 

These poll numbers are eye-opening, to say the least.  

The fact that more and more Democrats are saying these sorts of things should tell you something. 

The truth is, America is waking up to the fact that left-wing extremism is hurting children, and the worst has yet to come for the far-left.

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