Joe Biden was shaken to his core by one distressing development

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a ship taking on water.

There’s no telling how low it could sink.

And now Joe Biden was shaken to his core by one distressing development.

For four years, Democrats and their media allies hysterically warned that former President Donald Trump would tweet America into World War 3.

And during the 2020 campaign, President Joe Biden claimed that his 36 years in the Senate and eight years as former President Barack Obama’s Vice President made him the most experienced Presidential candidate on matters of foreign policy to ever run for the White House.

The reality of the situation was Trump negotiated peace deals in the Middle East and became the first President in 40 years not to start at any new wars.

And Biden’s disastrous 44-year record in office on foreign policy –  he opposed former President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy that won the Cold War, while also opposing the raid that ultimately killed Osama bin Laden and fully supporting the misguided Iraq War – was merely a glimpse of the catastrophe Biden would cause in international affairs once President.

The centerpiece of President Biden’s globalist foreign policy is the blank check he’s given the strategically insignificant country of Ukraine to fight a reckless war with Russia.

Over the last 20 months, the United States funneled over $113 million to Ukraine’s losing effort.

The much hyped Ukrainian counter offense is a failure, yet Biden keeps escalating the war by emptying America’s arsenal to send Ukraine more advanced weaponry that risks allowing them to launch an attack into Russian territory that could trigger a nuclear response.

Despite the ruling class elites’ support for the war in Ukraine as a form of “revenge” against Russian President Vladimir Putin over the completely debunked “Russian collusion” hoax, polls show the American people are fed up with this cavalier use of American arms.

A brand new Fox News poll shows the American people want a deadline to cut off U.S. arms to Ukraine.

“Just over half, 51%, think there should be a time limit, while 45% feel the U.S. should continue to support war-torn Ukraine indefinitely,” Fox News reported.

“That’s a reversal from February when 46% wanted a limit and 50% said support should last as long as it takes,” the report adds.

The poll also shows voters want President Biden to take care of problems at home, such as the Biden border crisis, crime, and inflation.

“Thirty-four percent say the war in Ukraine is best described as an emergency, trailing far behind other issues such as inflation (58% an emergency), opioid addiction (52%), crime (48%), the southern border situation (48%), and climate change (39%),” Fox News’ report continued.

Trump is once again running on an America First message, promising to end the war in Ukraine and put U.S. interests ahead of the globalist agenda.

Trump is telling voters that as President, he will focus on securing the border, growing the economy, and making the American people’s lives better.

That message is resonating with voters, and that’s why Americans dismiss the criminal indictments against Donald Trump and the Real Clear Politics national polling average shows him leading Joe Biden.

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