Joe Biden was seeing red after Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama cast this surprising vote

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It’s no secret that Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are bought and paid for by radical left-wing unions.

Their long association with unions has paid dividends as billions of dollars in union dues many American workers are forced to pay are funneled into their campaign coffers.

That’s why Joe Biden was seeing red after Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama cast this surprising vote.

A big win for worker freedom

Thousands of Mercedes-Benz workers in Alabama recently voted against joining the United Auto Workers (UAW) in a major blow to union bosses.

The defeat for the radical left-wing union came just one month after it prevailed in forcing workers at a Volkswagen facility in Tennessee to pay union dues, whether they want to or not.

Workers at the two Mercedes-Benz plants near Tuscaloosa, Alabama voted against joining the UAW union by a surprisingly large margin of 2,642 to 2,045, (56% to 44%). 

The result stops the recent momentum the UAW has gained in their efforts to force union dues on workers at additional auto plants throughout the southern United States.

Analysts had expected a difficult contest at the Alabama Mercedes-Benz facilities because the company conducted a well-planned and orchestrated pro-worker freedom campaign.

Volkswagen had remained neutral in the effort to unionize its Tennessee plant, leaving their employees vulnerable to the union’s takeover.

Still, the union’s victory last month at a Volkswagen facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee came as a surprise to many labor observers. 

The unionization effort marked the first car plant in the southern U.S. to unionize with a vote since the 1940s.

In both recent unionization campaigns, the unions faced strong opposition from local and state elected officials. 

Six southern Governors, including Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey and Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee issued a statement last month condemning UAW bosses’ anti-worker efforts in the region.

“We want to keep good paying jobs and continue to grow the American auto manufacturing sector here,” the governors wrote. “A successful unionization drive will stop this growth in its tracks, to the detriment of American workers.”

An aggressive union boss campaign to increase their forced dues coffers

In recent months, UAW officials have launched an aggressive campaign to expand the union’s membership. 

The union bosses claimed in a March statement that over 10,000 non-union auto workers have signed cards in support of the UAW, and that organizing campaigns had begun at more than two dozen facilities.

The increased activity followed a strike carried out by UAW union bosses against the “Big Three” U.S. automakers last fall: Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, formerly known as Chrysler.

It also comes at a time when union bosses are fearful President Joe Biden could lose in November, leading them to frantically attempt to fill their political war chest with more forced union dues.

It is estimated by most experts that unions spend more than $1 billion in forced dues on Democrat campaigns and causes every cycle.

And for the most part, their political spending goes unreported and unregulated as unions are not required to operate under the same campaign finance regulations as other political organizations.

This gives union bosses a level of power that is wholly disproportionate from the mere 10% of American workers they actually represent.

No wonder the UAW is trying every trick in the book to force more workers under the yoke of forced unionism.

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