Joe Biden was rolling on the floor laughing after these Catholic priests were ordered to ‘cease and desist’

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It seems the Biden regime has no limits on their anti-Christian bigotry.

And they will stop at nothing to restrict anyone even remotely associated with Christianity to be involved in government.

That’s why Joe Biden was rolling on the floor laughing when Catholic priests were issued this ‘cease and desist’ order.

Catholic priests have a long and storied association with the U.S. military.

Denying Catholic veterans the right worship

But now, due to a major change at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, this practice is to be no more.

In fact, the nation’s foremost military medical center is being accused of denying Catholic veterans their right to practice their religion.

The accusation came after the medical center issued a cease and desist order to Catholic priests following the expiration of a contract for pastoral care. 

As it turns out, Walter Reed has signed a new contract with a secular defense contracting firm for pastoral care.

That’s right, the U.S. military’s top hospital is contracting with a non-religious group to provide religious care to veterans.

But according to the Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, just days before Holy Week began, Walter Reed went even further, and issued a cease and desist order against Holy Name College.

Holy Name College is a community of Franciscan Catholic priests and brothers who have provided pastoral care to service members and veterans at the hospital for some 20 years.

Catholic priests not welcome here

Obviously believing that ending their contract wasn’t enough, Walter Reed has now made it crystal clear – Catholic priests are not welcome.

It all started on March 31, when Walter Reed decided not to renew their contract with Holy Name.

Instead, the medical center signed a contract with a secular defense contracting firm, Mack Global LLC.

This in itself is a slap in the face to all Catholic veterans, but Walter Reed wasn’t finished.

They also issued the cease and desist order against the priests, barring them from providing Catholic rites to America’s veterans at Walter Reed.

The Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services put out a press release about the situation.

“The refusal to provide adequate pastoral care while awarding a contract for Catholic ministry to a for-profit company that has no way of providing Catholic priests to the medical center is a glaring violation of service members’ and veterans’ Right to the Free Exercise of Religion,” the press release read. “Especially, during Holy Week, the lack of adequate Catholic pastoral care causes untold and irreparable harm to Catholics who are hospitalized and therefore a captive population whose religious rights the government has a constitutional duty to provide for and protect.”

No response at all

Apparently, Walter Reed doesn’t even want to discuss the situation.

The press release went on to say that the Archdiocese attempted to contact Walter Reed multiple times during Holy Week to request that the hospital reconsider the contract cancellation. 

But, they stated, Walter Reed has refused to even respond.

Archbishop Timothy Broglio said that Walter Reed’s desire to land a contract with the lowest bidder “overlooked the fact that the bidder cannot provide the necessary service.”

“It is incomprehensible that essential pastoral care is taken away from the sick and the aged when it was so readily available,” Broglio said. 

“I earnestly hope that this disdain for the sick will be remedied at once and their First Amendment rights will be respected,” the Archbishop continued.

A spokesperson from Walter Reed did confirm to TheBlaze that Holy Name College was issued a cease and desist order on April 4, after it continued to provide services to the veterans past the contract’s March 31 expiration.

Basically, in the eyes of Water Reed Medical Center, Catholic priests are not allowed to even visit hospitalized veterans without a signed contract.

“Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) is a welcoming and healing environment that honors and supports a full range of religious, spiritual, and cultural needs,” the center stated. 

Well, welcoming to anyone but Catholics it seems.

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