Joe Biden was left paralyzed with fear after this former Department of Justice official defied his radical agenda in one epic way

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Never before has a former President or a leading candidate for President for that matter ever faced the level of legal scrutiny Donald Trump is facing. 

To make matters worse his legal woes come directly from the Biden regime who will not sleep until he is imprisoned or barred from running in 2024. 

But Joe Biden was left paralyzed with fear after this former Department of Justice official defied his radical agenda in one epic way.

The indictments against Donald Trump are both unprecedented and uncalled for

For the first time in American history, a former U.S. President – and leading candidate for President in the next election cycle – is facing legal persecution from the Department of Justice. 

President Joe Biden and his Attorney General, Merrick Garland, are determined to ensure that former President Donald Trump is either barred from running in 2024 or imprisoned. 

Trump’s legal woes have sent shockwaves around the legal and political world, and many experts believe that these attacks on Trump are both ill-advised and dangerous. 

One such expert is Jack Goldsmith, who served as the former assistant Attorney General in former President George W. Bush’s regime. 

The New York Times recently published an essay penned by Goldsmith, in which he warned of the ramifications of the indictments against Trump. 

“It may be satisfying now to see Special Counsel Jack Smith indict former President Donald Trump for his reprehensible and possibly criminal actions in connection with the 2020 presidential election,” Goldsmith said. “But the prosecution, which might be justified, reflects a tragic choice that will compound the harms to the nation from Mr. Trump’s many transgressions.”

“Mr. Smith’s indictment outlines a factually compelling but far from legally airtight case against Mr. Trump,” he added. “The case involves novel applications of three criminal laws and raises tricky issues of Mr. Trump’s intent, of his freedom of speech and of the contours of presidential power.”

However, Goldsmith goes on to explain that the case is not only flawed in many ways, but it has the potential to permanently alter American politics and the American legal system. 

“This deeply unfortunate timing looks political and has potent political implications even if it is not driven by partisan motivations,” Goldsmith suggested. “And it is the Biden administration’s responsibility, as its Justice Department reportedly delayed the investigation of Mr. Trump for a year and then rushed to indict him well into G.O.P. primary season.”

The Biden Department of Justice has completely lost its way

From day one, President Biden and Attorney General Garland have made it abundantly clear that they intend to use the Biden Department of Justice, and its many agencies, to do their political bidding. 

Not only does this go against what America stands for, but many legal experts would claim that such shameless politicization of the Department of Justice is also illegal. 

It appears to many Americans that the Constitution means nothing to the Biden Department of Justice, which gleefully tramples on the rights of Americans, including Donald Trump. 

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