Joe Biden was left fuming with rage after Alan Dershowitz made this groundbreaking claim

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For months, House Republicans have thoroughly investigated allegations of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden using their influence to line their family’s pockets.

At long last the FBI cooperated with these investigations by handing over key documents that indicate the President was directly involved in a sinister bribery scheme. 

But Joe Biden was left fuming with rage after Alan Dershowitz made this groundbreaking claim.

Democrats are bracing themselves for an almost certain impeachment

Since the day former President Donald Trump won the 2016 election, Democrats had their eyes set on impeachment. 

And by the end of Trump’s term in office, he was impeached twice, making him the first President in history to face two impeachments. 

These impeachments set a dangerous precedent, and already Republicans are looking at pursuing their own impeachment of President Joe Biden. 

The only difference between this pursuit and Democrats’ witch hunts against Trump is that the pursuit to impeach Biden actually appears to have evidence to justify it.

A number of credible documents and whistle-blower testimonies indicate that Biden and many members of his family are guilty of a number of very serious crimes, including bribery. 

Unfortunately for President Biden, many experts, including Alan Dershowitz, believe that there is plenty of evidence to impeach him.

Last Sunday, Dershowitz appeared on Breitbart News Sunday to discuss a potential impeachment.

“Could the Republican-led House investigate Joe Biden for bribery, which is one of the explicitly impeachable offenses in the Constitution, based on the evidence they’ve seen so far?” Host Joel Pollak asked Dershowitz.

“Of course,” Dershowitz replied. “And there is enough to investigate. There’s a big gulf between ‘enough to investigate’ [and] enough to establish probable cause, enough to indict — we’re not even close to [the latter], but enough to investigate? Of course. I mean, the FBI statement by the so-called reliable informant, if they believe it to be true, gives them enough to investigate.” 

“And of course the House, when it was controlled by Democrats, went very, very far in investigating Donald Trump, and as I said at the time, there’ll be tit-for-tat when the Republicans get control of the House, they’ll do the same thing,” he added. “I’d prefer to see mutual disarmament, but you can’t have unilateral disarmament. If one side weaponizes the impeachment and the criminal justice system, you can expect the other side will do as well.”

A Biden impeachment could forever alter the political landscape

If Joe Biden were to be impeached, it would send a powerful shockwave throughout Washington, D.C. 

Gone are the days of trying to work across the aisle, and instead Democrats and Republicans are more interested in waging legal wars on each other to improve their election odds. 

Having said that, the crimes leveled against Joe Biden are very serious in nature, and he owes it to the American people to explain why he thinks it is acceptable to allegedly sell out the country to line his own pockets. 

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