Joe Biden was left dumbstruck when he saw these damning poll numbers come in

When it comes to domestic issues, illegal immigration and the border crisis are finally coming to the forefront of discussion. 

Democrats are finally realizing how damaging illegal immigration is now that busloads of illegal aliens are arriving on their doorsteps, and they are outraged, exposing their hypocrisy for all to see. 

But Joe Biden was left dumbstruck when he saw these damning poll numbers come in

Democrats are learning the hard way that illegal immigration is no joke

For quite some time Democrats have gone to extreme lengths to deny that there is a crisis unfolding at America’s southern border with Mexico. 

But now that the border has reached a boiling point, there is no way to deny the crisis any longer. 

This is especially the case now that red state Governors like Greg Abbot and Ron DeSantis are sending illegal aliens by the bus load to self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” like Martha’s Vineyard and New York City. 

These Democrat-run communities have designated themselves as “sanctuary cities” meaning illegals can take refuge there, but now that illegals are actually on their doorstep, the mood has soured. 

Democrats are predictably furious that they now have to deal with the crippling problem of illegal immigration, and many are claiming that this is an unpopular and unsavory political move by the Right to call their bluff. 

Much to their dismay, the American public seems to think otherwise. 

In a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, 1,000 likely voters were asked: “The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has been bussing illegal immigrants to New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Do you approve or disapprove of this policy?” of those 1,000 likely voters, Thirty-six percent strongly approved, and 16 percent somewhat approved. Only 25 percent strongly disapproved, while 14 percent somewhat disapproved.

That means that 52% approve of this policy, with only 39% disapproving, which is an overwhelming show of support as far as today’s polling science goes. 

Furthermore, Rasmussen asked those same 1,000 voters whether they agreed or disagreed with a Gov. Abbott spokesman who said Democrat New York Mayor Eric Adams should “stop complaining and call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border.”

Of those polled, a whopping 62% agreed while only 30% disagreed. 

These poll numbers show that Americans overwhelmingly support these actions by Gov. Abbott and Gov. DeSantis, and indicate that Democrats are losing on this issue. 

What makes the busing of illegal aliens such a genius idea is that it exposes Democrats for what they are – hypocrites and liars. 

Democrats are always at the forefront of fighting for “social justice” until the reforms they advocate for come to their front doorstep and then they are the first ones to reject it. 

However, the Left has unsurprisingly taken absolutely zero responsibility for this crisis, and are instead quick to point the blame at their political rivals for sending them to their sanctuary cities. 

Their response has not exactly been what you would call welcoming, but, yet again, that is the epitome of the Left in America. 

With that in mind, red state Governors need to keep on sending illegals to these Democrat-run hotbeds of elitism and hypocrisy until they change their tune and do something about the border crisis. 

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