Joe Biden was just blindsided by this stark warning from Russia

When it comes to reckless spending, Democrats and even many Republicans simply cannot help themselves from feeding at the trough and supporting endless wars. 

The recently passed $1.7 trillion omnibus bill is a prime example.  

But Biden was just blindsided by this stark warning from Russia. 

Politicians in Washington, D.C. are determined to start World War III

At one point, Democrats were known as the anti-war party, but those days are now long gone. 

Each and every day, Democrats and even some Republicans beat the drums of war when it comes to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which does not involve the United States in any direct way. 

So far, Joe Biden and his allies in Congress have approved more than $100 billion for the Ukraine war effort. 

Naturally, Russia is furious about this massive military aid, which is being used to kill their soldiers. 

Make no mistake, what is happening in Ukraine right now is a tragedy.

But funding foreign wars is not the right thing to do and America should well-know this painful lesson by now. 

Russia is a very well-armed and serious advisory, and predictably they are furious about Joe Biden’s massive pro-Ukrainian war efforts.

In response to America’s aid for the Ukraine military, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a statement that “These deliveries can add pain to the Ukrainian people and prolong its sufferings but principally they will be unable to solve anything [or] disrupt the process of achieving the goals of the special military operation,”

He added “Principally, these deliveries cannot and will not be able to change anything in Ukraine,”

These are very scary statements from the Kremlin. 

America is going down a very dangerous path right now

The painful truth is that America is closer to starting World War III than at any other point since the Cold War.  

Under Joe Biden’s watch, America has completely destroyed any chance of creating good relations with Russia, and more likely than not things will only get much worse from here on out.
And sending advanced military technology and billions of dollars to a highly unstable nation like Ukraine is not the wise thing to do. 

Time will tell if this taxpayer-funded investment in the Ukrainian military is a smart investment, but so far all indicators are showing that this will have unexpected ramifications. 

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