Joe Biden was given one rule for his Middle East trip and he broke it two minutes in

The Biden administration could spend more time solving all the issues they’ve created.

But let’s be honest, having to babysit Joe Biden on a regular basis is a full-time job.

And Joe Biden was given one rule for his Middle East trip. But he broke it two minutes in.

The trip Biden swore he’d never take

Since President Joe Biden’s gas crisis began, he has absolutely refused to increase domestic oil production.

Instead, Biden has chosen to attempt to find other countries to increase their oil production so that the U.S. can continue being dependent on other nations for our energy needs, putting our national security and the wellbeing of every American in tremendous peril.

The only problem is that most of Joe Biden’s allies – particularly counties across Europe – have also adopted his radical left-wing environmentalist agenda, albeit at much quicker rate than the U.S., putting those nations in even worse condition than our own.

So rather than increase domestic production, President Biden has decided to take the one trip that he swore he would never take – going to the Middle East, hat in hand, to beg state sponsors of terrorism to save his Presidency.

And that includes meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, who Biden has promised – many times –  to snub for the Kingdom’s numerous human rights violations and deep-ties to terrorism.

But as always with the radical Left, so long as their agenda is advanced, the ends always justify the means.

Joe Biden isn’t the typical American President going on such a trip, though.

His obvious declining mental faculties are impairing his ability to do the most basic and menial tasks, leaving staffers to make all sorts of rules for him in an attempt to avoid the sheer embarrassment he has become.

Unfortunately for the White House staffers tasked with babysitting Joe Biden on a daily basis though, he’s also reached the point where he literally forgets the rules three minutes after they’re given to him.

Biden’s fist-bump fiasco

Prior to departing for the Middle East, the Biden White House made clear that the President would not be allowed to shake anyone’s hand on this trip.

They claimed this was because of COVID – you remember COVID, right? The pandemic we all dealt with YEARS AGO.

As shocking as it may be, though, the Biden administration didn’t tell the truth.

Make no mistake about it, they were merely trying to avoid any negative stories that would have come from the President of the United States completely embracing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all of its human rights violations.

As even Bloomberg put it, “It’s a precaution aides said was meant to protect him from COVID-19 – but one that would conveniently help avoid a handshake with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the second leg of his tour.”

But of course, President Biden is completely incapable of remembering anything he’s told for more than a split second.

And it only took him a matter of minutes to step off the plane in Israel and immediately shake the hand of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It started off well, with Biden cautiously – if awkwardly – fist-bumping the Israel premier and several other officials after stepping off Air Force One in Tel Aviv,” Bloomberg reported. “Then, after speeches, came the quick handshake with recently-resigned premier Naftali Bennett followed by the fulsome overture from Netanyahu.”

“That’ll make it awkward to fist bump Prince Mohammed, widely known as MBS, without causing potential offense,” the report continued. “The world will be watching the body language almost as closely as the statements.”

There’s no telling how much damage Joe Biden will inflict on the United States and its reputation around the globe by the time this Middle East trip ends.

He’s simply incapable of doing anything that is not a national embarrassment.

And now his left-wing handlers have thrown him into the lion’s den in the Middle East, where anything he does or says could lead to the United States’ next forever war.

It should turn out totally fine.

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