Joe Biden was furious when this regime media outlet finally delivered a devastating blow to his ego

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a veritable smorgasbord of lies, gaffes, and embarrassing moments.

The corporate-controlled media has mostly covered for the Biden family as if they were one of its own.

That’s why Joe Biden was furious when this regime media outlet finally delivered a devastating blow to his ego.

Joe Biden has been lying to the American people without hesitation for the entirety of his Presidency, but the corporate-controlled media has been mostly mute about it.

Biden given the coveted “bottomless Pinocchio” for repeating lies to the public

Now a leftist media outlet, The Washington Post, finally gave Biden a rating that points to all the lies that he has told as Commander-in-Chief, “the Bottomless Pinocchio.”

The “Bottomless Pinocchio” was created to describe claims that had been given three Pinocchios and repeated at least 20 times. 

The publication came up with the title to further defame Donald Trump after levying countless accusations at the President for lying.

The tables have now turned as The Washington Post struggles for relevance – and they are now exposing Biden for several claims that no one can say are true.

Biden takes credit for inflation by making claim about Social Security benefits

One claim that should worry most Americans is his so-called great relationship with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

Biden claims that he has “spent a lot of time—more time with Xi Jinping than any other head of state,” with whom he says he has traveled “17,000 miles.”

While it is possible that Biden has spent a lot of time there is no evidence to back up the claim. 

According to their report, he hasn’t even traveled 17,000 miles to visit with Xi, let alone actually traveling those miles with him. 

They covered another statement that was recently fact checked on Twitter claiming that due to Biden’s leadership Social Security recipients have more coming in each month. 

In reality “The reason Social Security payments are going up is because Social Security benefits, under a law passed in 1972, are adjusted every year to keep pace with inflation.”

Biden says he delivered relief at gas pumps and his student loan transfer was “passed” by Congress

The embattled President has apparently repeated the lie that “gas prices are declining” and that they were “down from over $5 when [he] took office” over 20 times since he took office.

The truth is that the average price for gas was less than $2.40 nationwide when he was inaugurated in 2021. 

Biden’s team was using the “most common” price paid, which was a bit higher due to inflated prices in the most populous state of California.

They even touched on his claim that his student debt forgiveness plan was “passed by a vote or two” in Congress, which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

He never even put together a proposal for Congress to consider. 

Members of his own party in Congress said the debt transfer was off the table and wouldn’t be considered. 

Some even argued that he went above and beyond his power as President to do it by Executive Order. 

Now the student loan cancellation is up to the courts to decide.

It really is incredible that Biden has repeated all of these lies over 20 times each. 

Especially since we are just now seeing pushback from the press.

It could be a sign that even the regime media is finally prepared to hold this administration accountable.

Americans will have to skeptically wait and see.

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