Joe Biden was embarrassed after getting put in his place by an unlikely source

The biggest stain on Joe Biden’s first two years as President has been the god-awful economy. 

Every economic measure is in the gutters, and Joe Biden’s socialist policies are to blame. 

And Joe Biden was embarrassed after getting put in his place by an unlikely source. 

The economy has effectively crashed and Joe Biden is to blame

In the two short years, the entire nation has gone to ruin at record speed. 

The most noticeable failure of Biden’s Presidency has been the economy, particularly out-of-control inflation. 

When Trump left the White House, inflation growth was sitting around 1.4%, and now the official number is around 8.3%, although in reality inflation is probably much higher. 

This is an alarming increase to say the least, and despite Biden’s desperate attempts to spin that horrific rise into something good, even many Democrats cannot deny how bad things have become. 

And Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell just issued a stark warning at a recent press conference. 

According to Powell, “You really look at this year’s inflation—three, six, and 12 month trailing—you see inflation is running too high. It’s running 4.5 percent or above. You don’t need to know much more than that.” 

He went on to say “We have seen some supply side healing but inflation has not really come down.  If you look at core PCE inflation, which is a good measure of where inflation is running now, if you look at it on a three, six, and 12 month trailing basis, you’ll see that inflation is at 4.8 percent, 4.5 percent, and 4.8 percent.” 

The truth is, those numbers are much higher than Powell is reporting, with the accurate number sitting at 8.26%, which is still probably a lowball. 

This comes in direct contrast to Joe Biden’s statements downplaying inflation on 60 Minutes, where Joe Biden boldly tried to spin rampant inflation numbers into a good thing. 

The honest truth is, America is on the brink of an economic crisis, and Joe Biden is completely unprepared. 

Years of socialist policies have ruined Trump’s strong economy

The reason for this failing economy is undoubtedly Joe Biden’s completely failed policies. 

Socialist policies such as the hilariously ironically named “Inflation Reduction Act” as well as other policies such as Biden’s student loan bailout have made the American dollar worth less than at any other time in recent memory. 

And the scary thing is, the economy will only get worse from here. 

That is a horrifying thought considering the already sky-high prices of food and other goods. 

The people who will suffer the most will be average, hard-working Americans who are already struggling to make ends meet as a result of Joe Biden’s terrible economy. 

The best thing for Americans to do now is to show up this November and vote for principled conservatives who will prevent Democrats from taxing and spending this nation into another Great Depression. 

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