Joe Biden was champing at the bit to politicize the latest tragedy. But what he ignored in the process will drive you up a wall.

Photo by Specna Arms from Pexels

Democrats never let a crisis go to waste.

It’s been the Left’s standard operating procedure since the Obama regime popularized the strategy.

And while Joe Biden was champing at the bit to politicize the latest tragedy it’s what he ignored in the process that will drive you up a wall.

Biden yet again calls for assault weapons ban

Just over a week ago, an illegal alien murdered his neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, and just this past weekend, a shooter killed eight others in yet another “gun free” zone at a Dallas-area mall. 

The media is currently hyper-focused on the Dallas shooter’s alleged “white supremacists” views, even though he’s very clearly Hispanic.

In both of these tragedies, the killer used an AR-15, which obviously has the Biden regime demanding Congress pass a so-called “assault weapons” ban immediately.

The gun control lobby is wasting no time to fundraise off this tragedy as they work hand-in-hand with Democrats in Washington, D.C., and in state capitals across the country, to exploit these recent tragedies.

And the self-proclaimed “journalists” in the media are all too willing to provide cover by blaming an inanimate object that can’t pull its own trigger, and focusing on the narrative around the shooter’s alleged motives, while completely ignoring the cold hard facts of these crimes, like  the fact that one was committed by an illegal alien and the other committed in a mass murder empowerment zone – also known as a “gun free zone.”

Media conveniently ignores facts that don’t fit Democrats’ narrative

Eight people were also killed this week in Brownsville, Texas, after a man crashed his vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians.

Unsurprisingly, the media is giving this incident a fraction of the coverage as a crime committed with a firearm.

And, of course, in the case of the crash, the media has laid blame for the incident at the feet of the driver, not the car.

Don’t expect President Joe Biden to hold a press conference calling for the banning of cars over this incident, or any of the countless other deaths caused by vehicles and other inanimate objects that can’t operate themselves.

Pro-crime Democrats destroying America and disarming Americans

Democrat policies are destroying the country as they continue to release violent criminals back on to the streets, and refuse to deal with the actual mental health crisis plaguing the U.S.

They, and their puppets in the gun control lobby, continue pushing for so-called “red flag” gun confiscation laws as a silver bullet for the mental health issue, even though they’re fully aware that doing so strips law-abiding Americans of their Constitutional right to due process, and that such laws can be used as a weapon against conservatives by radical left-wing judges.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their media allies are completely ignoring those who actually need psychological help, and as a result, crime, addiction, overdoses, depression, and so much more is skyrocketing across the nation with no end in sight.

For Democrats, disarming as many law-abiding Americans as possible, leaving them defenseless against the criminals and crazies they release onto the streets, is simply a matter of convenience.

After all, it’s far easier to disarm millions of Americans and appease the woke left-wing outrage mob their divisive, violent rhetoric created than actually do the work to solve the real issues while being re-elected by said left-wing outrage mob.

And President Joe Biden won’t stop until he gives the woke left-wing outrage mob the scalp they so desperately crave.

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