Joe Biden was caught red-handed in a huge lie about the gas price crisis he created

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Rampant inflation has hit all Americans hard.

Nowhere has that been more evident than at the gas pump.

And now Joe Biden was caught red-handed in a huge lie about the gas price crisis he created.

Well, it was Trump

The Biden regime was just forced to admit a key talking point they’ve been using to avoid responsibility for the gas price crisis was simply not true.

But don’t think President Joe Biden finally decided to take any responsibility.

No, in explaining it wasn’t really the oil companies’ fault, they instead tried to once again blame former President Donald Trump.

In fact, they tried to blame Trump for the exact same reason they originally blamed oil companies.

Most Americans will remember that as gas prices skyrocketed to record highs, the Biden regime accused oil companies of sitting on 9,000 already-approved oil lease permits.

Biden also claimed instead of increasing production and putting more oil and gas in the market, the American oil industry was raking in record profits while refusing to reinvest in expanding drilling operations.

“They have 9,000 permits to drill now,” Biden claimed last March. “They could be drilling right now, yesterday, last week, last year. They have 9,000 to drill onshore that are already approved. So let me be clear: They are not using them for production now. That’s their decision. These are the facts. We should be honest about the facts.”

Multiple Biden regime officials repeated that claim for months.

But then, the Bureau of Land Management, which manages the leases, revised the 9,000 figure down to less than 7,000.

And they blamed the Trump administration for causing the error.

“The Bureau of Land Management revised the current number of approved applications for permits to drill — which oil and gas companies are required to file once they identify a deposit on a lease that can be tapped — down from an estimated 9,000 to less than 6,700,” Fox News reported. “The BLM, a subagency of the Department of the Interior, blamed the revision on a Trump-era technical change that it hadn’t properly accounted for.”

Proving facts and science don’t matter to Joe Biden

And the BLM came out with their own statement on the problem.

“As of February 2023, companies have over 6,600 approved and unused drilling permits available on federal lands,” BLM’s statement read. “This number has been updated to account for a reporting discrepancy resulting from a transition to a new database in mid-2020.”

Despite the facts and associated issues, the Biden regime has maintained its anti-oil industry rhetoric.

“The record profits oil companies made in 2022 and the thousands of approved but unused drilling permits they are sitting on shows that there is nothing getting in the way of increasing oil production except Big Oil’s own decision to funnel their profits into the pockets of shareholders and executives,” one Biden regime official told Fox News.

While there are thousands of approved leases that are not being used, it’s not the 9,000 President Biden and his lackeys claimed were in existence.

And the simple fact is, it’s not easy to extract oil from approved land. 

It takes years to develop land, explore it, and find out if there is even a reliable oil reservoir to be tapped, all before a years-long process of actually getting the oil out of the ground.

Oil industry spokesmen have made it clear the Biden regime has not honest about the time and money it requires to develop functioning oil wells once leases are approved.

It seems once again facts, science, and common sense are absent from the Biden regime.

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