Joe Biden was blindsided when The New York Times set the stage for his replacement

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Democrats are in crisis mode over Joe Biden’s severe mental decline. 

They could be getting ready to give him the hook.

And Joe Biden was blindsided when The New York Times set the stage for his replacement.

The New York Times is the paper of record for the Democrat Party.

The publication was one of the most reliable defenders of President Joe Biden, but a shift is underway in their coverage.

A report by Special Counsel Robert Hur in the criminal investigation into Biden for taking classified documents sent shockwaves because it confirmed that the President has serious cognitive issues.

Biden’s mental fitness is a profound and growing problem for Democrats after Hur’s findings.

The New York Times switched out its kid-glove treatment of Biden for sharp criticism after the bombshell report.

Times reporter Michael Shear called the Hur report, and Biden’s impromptu press conference in response to it, a “political disaster” for the Democrat President.

“The President’s remarkable appearance before reporters underscored the political damage that Mr. Hur’s report could do despite the lack of criminal charges,” Shear wrote.

The New York Times editorial board followed that up with a piece called “The Challenges of an Aging President.”

The editorial noted that Biden would be 86-years-old at the end of his second term, and that a poll conducted by the paper found that in swing states over 70% of voters thought he was “just too old to be an effective President.”

It continued by stating that Biden’s plan with the impromptu press conference to reassure the American people his memory was fine “didn’t work.”

“Mr. Biden’s performance at his news conference on Thursday night was intended to assure the public that his memory is fine and argue that Mr. Hur was out of line; instead, the President raised more questions about his cognitive sharpness and temperament, as he delivered emotional and snappish retorts in a moment when people were looking for steady, even and capable responses to fair questions about his fitness,” The Times editorial board wrote.

The editorial concluded by calling the press conference a “dark moment” for Biden’s Presidency, and challenged him to do more to show the public he’s capable of serving a second term.

DePauw University communications professor Jeffrey McCall said that The New York Times turning on Biden is “surprising,” but that the paper couldn’t ignore a story of the magnitude the Hur report clearly is.

“To ignore the significance of the Hur report or to soft-peddle it would have come off to fair-minded news consumers as a blatant coverup for Biden, not to mention intellectually dishonest,” McCall told Fox News.

The New York Times ran another piece entitled “The Question Is Not if Biden Should Step Aside. It’s How.”

The article suggested that Biden continues until the Democrat National Convention, at which time he would step aside and let the Party pick a new Presidential nominee.

The knives are out for Joe Biden after the Hur report made his severe mental decline impossible to ignore.

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