Joe Biden wants taxpayers to illegally fund abortions, but Tommy Tuberville just turned the tables on the President with one savvy move

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He’s sticking to his guns even though he’s being pressured to backtrack.

That’s the takeaway from the latest back-and-forth involving the White House and a conservative Senator.

And while Joe Biden wants taxpayers to illegally fund abortions Tommy Tuberville just turned the tables on the President with one savvy move.

Biden wants taxpayers to pony up for abortions

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has placed a hold on military officer nominations being confirmed in the Senate, preventing the Senate from confirming the nominations unanimously all at once in a blanket fashion as it is wont to do.

It all stems from when Biden Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a new policy directing Department of Defense funds – aka working class Americans’ tax dollars – to pay for troops’ and their family members’ travel out of state to get abortions, if they’re stationed in a state that prohibits them.

Tuberville, an ardent pro-lifer, has a big problem with spending taxpayer money on a clear violation of the Hatch Act, and as a result, has held up President Joe Biden’s military nominations and says he will continue doing so until the regime changes that policy.

President Biden, one of the thinnest-skinned men in politics, remarked from Finland that the Senator’s hold on military officer confirmation in the Senate is “ridiculous.”

“I’d be willing to talk to him if I thought there’s any possibility of him changing his ridiculous position he has,” Biden said. “He’s jeopardizing U.S. security by what he’s doing. I expect the Republican Party to stand up, stand up and do something about it.”

The irony that the man sending cluster bombs to a country at war with the world’s largest nuclear power is accusing one pro-life Senator of jeopardizing national security was apparently lost on the 80-year-old President.

But Senator Tuberville didn’t let the insult slide by unanswered.

Tuberville: Biden is incapable of negotiating

“He can call me all the names he wants,” Tubberville said. “Does that sound like anybody that wants to get anything done? That’s what this place is about. It’s about working with each other, talking it out, getting in situations where you can maybe compromise to a point. I mean, here’s a guy that doesn’t even want to talk.”

“He needs to negotiate all over the world,” he continued. “We got a war going on in Ukraine right now, that if he were to get out there and negotiated, or maybe even after the war started, to negotiate with both groups we can get this thing over. People are getting killed, but it seemed like this White House has no negotiating skills whatsoever.”

The Senator is exactly right.

Whether it’s vaccine mandates, student loan bailouts, or a host of other issues, the Biden White House has unilaterally decided to go it alone on setting policy only to be smacked down by the reality that he isn’t a king.

In the end, President Biden is simply lashing out because he doesn’t have the political capital to strong-arm others into doing his bidding.

That tends to happen when you tread water at 40% approval for two years.

Good on Tommy Tuberville for sticking to his principles.

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