Joe Biden turned red with rage after this top Republican put him in his place

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American politics is in a state of unmitigated chaos following the indictment of Donald Trump and the revelations surrounding Joe Biden’s bribery probe. 

This is especially shocking given that the two are their respective party’s frontrunners for the upcoming 2024 Presidential election. 

But Joe Biden turned red with rage after this top Republican put him in his place.

American politics is in a state of total, unmitigated chaos

The indictments filed against former President Donald Trump proved that President Joe Biden and his regime are coming for blood, but it also proved that there is a double standard in Washington, D.C.. 

Prior to Trump’s indictment, House Republicans secured documents from the FBI which indicated that President Biden and many members of his family are guilty of a number of serious crimes, like bribery. 

Last Thursday, Biden was asked at a press conference to respond to the document which indicated that he and his family committed these crimes. 

“Where’s the money?” The President responded. “I’m joking. It’s a bunch of malarkey.”

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) responded to Biden’s claim on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom last week.

“I would characterize it as a detailed document,” Mace explained. “It was very credible and legitimate. I would not brush it off like the FBI has. And it corroborates other information that we’ve seen in other places, because the document, for one example, talks about not just $5 million, but $10 million going to the Biden family, half of that going to Hunter Biden and the other half going to Joe Biden.” 

When you look at Hunter Biden’s emails and him lamenting and complaining that he had to give half of his income to his father,” she added. “And then you listen to recordings and other investigations about oligarchy, also talking about paying off the Biden’s. When you add it all together, it’s absolutely something that should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law.” 

These damning remarks stunned many, given that Rep. Mace is not the most principled conservative in the House, however, many other Republicans share her views on the issue. 

Unfortunately, those bombshell revelations are overshadowed by Trump’s indictments, which came down right after the FBI handed their documents over to Congress. 

Biden is doing everything he can to distract from his alleged crimes

Few politicians in Washington, D.C. are as scandal-plagued as President Biden. 

If the bribery allegations against him are true – which every bit of evidence released so far indicates is the case – Biden could face impeachment in the near future. 

Even if the Democrat President is impeached, it’s highly unlikely he will be removed from office, as the Senate needs a two-thirds majority to do so. 

And as long as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his cronies are calling the shots in the Senate, that will never happen.

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