Joe Biden turned red with rage after receiving this groundbreaking news

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Most Democrats will tell you that the most pressing issue facing America these days is gun violence. 

Democrats try to peddle this false narrative because it sets the stage for their ultimate goal of disarming the American public.

But Joe Biden turned red with rage after receiving this groundbreaking news.

Democrats will do anything to take guns from law-abiding citizens

There is nothing that the radical Left loathes more than the Second Amendment. 

Perpetuating a false narrative that gun violence is the most pressing issue facing America, and then blaming guns for that violence, is the foundation of their crusade on gun owners. 

However, CBS News just dropped a bombshell report that completely blows up this false narrative. 

In an article about gun violence in America, CBS News quoted Rutgers School of Public Health professor Mike Anestis as saying, “Suicide accounts for anywhere from 60% to 65% of all the gun deaths in the United States in any given year.”

If true, this study completely destroys Democrat’s narrative regarding the number of gun crimes in America. 

Democrats often combine gun-related suicides and homicides to inflate their number.

For example, Hillary Clinton ran a misleading ad in 2015 where she combined suicides with firearm-related homicides and, as a result, elevated “gun violence” figures by approximately 66%.

In response to the new study, University of Alabama professor Fred Vars rightly pointed out the severity of the suicide issue.

“In 2020, there were 66 gun suicides every day, which is more people than died in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history,” Vars said. “And we don’t see it. You know, it doesn’t make the news. It happens one person at a time. Unless it’s a celebrity, we just don’t hear about it.”

This finding completely undermines everything the Left has been saying about “gun violence” in recent years. 

Suicide prevention is a completely different ballgame than gun-related homicides, and Democrats know as much. 

For decades, conservatives have been placing the emphasis on addressing mental health when it comes to gun violence, which the Left almost immediately dismisses out of hand.

America’s mental health infrastructure has been largely ignored by the Left because it undermines their narrative, and as a result, more people are dying by suicide than ever before. 

Until Democrats are willing to take mental health seriously, suicide rates will only climb

At the end of the day, Democrats are not willing to take mental health seriously because it undermines their mission to snatch guns away from law-abiding gun owners.

That is why conservatives must fight tooth and nail to protect the right to keep and bear arms

The radical Left will do whatever it takes to abolish the Second Amendment, even it means ignoring the soaring amount of suicides in today’s world.

Addressing mental health issues should not be a political issue, but the Left has made it just that. 

The Left’s pursuit of more control is not just illegal, but it is unabashedly shameful.

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