Joe Biden turned red with rage after one of his fellow Democrats made these eye-popping remarks

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At 80-years-old Joe Biden is the oldest President in U.S. history and if he wins reelection he could possibly serve until he is 86-years-old.

While there are many highly capable 80-year-olds out there, Biden has shown his declining mental and physical capacity with every statement and appearance he makes. 

But Joe Biden turned red with rage after one of his fellow Democrats made these eye-popping remarks.

Even Democrats are worried about Joe Biden

Over the entire course of American history, there has never been a President as gaffe-prone as Joe Biden. 

Whether it is Medal of Honor ceremonies or campaign events, President Biden is incapable of completing a coherent sentence. 

And now that Biden is on the campaign trail once again, many Americans are concerned about his ability to potentially serve until 2029, if reelected. 

It is not just Republicans who are questioning President Biden’s fitness for office, as many Democrats have also grown weary of the 80-year-old President. 

Lorain County, Ohio Democrat Party leader Sharon Sweda recently spoke to The Washington Post about her concerns regarding Biden’s advanced age and declining competence. 

“He is in a period of his life where passing and death is imminent,” Sweda said. “We are all on a ticking clock. But when you’re at his age or at Trump’s age, that clock is ticking a little faster, and that’s a concern for voters.”

Just last week, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius urged both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to drop out of the race.

“It’s painful to say that, given my admiration for much of what they have accomplished,” Ignatius wrote. “But if he and Harris campaign together in 2024, I think Biden risks undoing his greatest achievement — which was stopping Trump,”

Despite these pleas from his fellow Democrats, it does not appear as if the President is prepared to give up power any time soon. 

In a recent press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Biden as reporters asked about his fitness for office.

“I can speak to that – a President who has wisdom,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “I can speak to a president who has experience.  I can speak to a president who has done historic – has taken historic action and has delivered in historic pieces of legislation. And that’s important.”

America has suffered tremendously under Biden’s watch

Just about every approval rating poll shows that President Biden is immensely unpopular, with his approval rating often dipping as low as 39%. 

Most Americans clearly agree, whether it is securing the border, bolstering the economy, or anything else they have gotten their hands on, Biden and his regime have done a terrible job.

Pressure from Republicans will do nothing to prevent President Biden from implementing his radical agenda.

However, if more Democrats ramp up pressure, then perhaps things could change for Joe Biden. 

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