Joe Biden turned red with rage after Matt Gaetz put him in his place with one brutal reality check

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Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm and many experts are predicting it could replace millions of workers across the world. 

Like any time an advanced technology is introduced leftists have a knee-jerk reaction to regulate it.

But Joe Biden turned red with rage after Matt Gaetz put him in his place with one brutal reality check.

The Biden regime is the last group that should regulate AI

Now that artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, the Left is desperately scrambling to regulate it. 

President Joe Biden has already tapped Vice President Kamala Harris as his so-called “Artificial Intelligence Czar” – she’ll surely do as well as she did serving as his “Border Czar” – and many are very skeptical of this significant promotion. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is among those scratching their heads over this strange nomination.

“I wouldn’t trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be able to successfully operate an iPhone, much less be a key focal point of AI policy,” Gaetz told Fox News.

“That said, there are some leading minds in the Democratic Party here on the Hill who I think are evaluating these issues with great thoughtfulness: Ted Lieu, Ro Khanna,” he added.

Other Members of Congress share Rep. Gaetz pessimism towards the Biden regime’s ability to handle this major task. 

“I don’t have a whole lot of faith in either President Biden or Vice President Harris, but I think we need to have industry experts in the room, folks that understand the technology behind AI,” Rep. Nathaniel Moran (R-TX) said. “That can help both the legislative and the executive branch work through what are the practical problems with AI.”  

As Reps. Gaetz and Moran point out, President Biden and Vice President Harris are unequipped to handle an issue as complex as artificial intelligence. 

Biden and Harris cannot even string together coherent sentences, never mind tackle an issue that even many tech experts do not fully understand yet.

When it comes to the future of artificial intelligence, there is little that either Democrat can do to stop its growth. 

AI is the future of technology, and many jobs will be affected as a direct result. 

Rest assured, this is not the first time a groundbreaking technology has hit the scene, and like any other time in history, workers must adapt to use AI to its fullest potential to improve the work that they do. 

Shying away from AI is the wrong decision, and this is something Harris and many other Democrats do not realize. 

Once again Democrats are trusting Democrat politicians over the free market

Trusting the free market to regulate this form of technology is best, and handing even more power to the federal government is a recipe for disaster. 

The debate over the regulation of artificial intelligence exemplifies the Left’s desire to have the federal government control every aspect of working class Americans’ lives, rather than allowing consumers to blaze their own future.

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