Joe Biden turned red with rage after being exposed for this major policy failure

America is under attack from its southern border with Mexico.

And make no mistake, Joe Biden and his pro-illegal alien, open border administration are to blame. 

But Joe Biden turned red with rage after being exposed for this major policy failure. 

Joe Biden has done an absolutely horrible job in his first two years as President

It seems anything that could go wrong has gone wrong, almost always does due to Biden blunders and bad policy.

And there is no end in sight when it comes to his blundering. 

One of the biggest problems Joe Biden has faced so far, is the unmitigated disaster that continues to unfold at America’s southern border with Mexico. 

Each day, thousands upon thousands of undocumented, illegal aliens pour across the Mexican border with no end in sight.  

To make matters worse, these illegal aliens are bringing with them drugs, weapons, and other contraband with them. 

There are even hundreds, if not thousands, of terrorists crossing the border unchecked.

Yet, many Democrats dismiss this crisis as nothing more than a Republican talking point. 

It is a case of willful ignorance

That, of course, could not be any further from the truth, and one Senator who is painfully aware of the horrific state of the border is Senator John Cornyn of Texas. 

Senator Cornyn recently went on Fox News to shine a spotlight on the border. 

According to Senator Cornyn, “If the President were smart then he would go to the border.  Part of the problem is that this is a case of willful of ignorance.  Mainly this is an international human smuggling network, with people showing up from 150 different countries who are taking advantage of our asylum laws.” 

He added, “I would be happy to welcome Joe Biden to Texas and the experts. They can teach him a lot about what we can do to stop this border crisis. Primarily on catch and release.”

It is abundantly clear that there is a crisis at the southern border and it is obvious that Joe Biden has no interest in addressing this vital issue. 

Why Joe Biden is refusing to address the border crisis in any meaningful way

Joe Biden is refusing to do anything about the border crisis, and the reason for his inaction is pretty simple – politics. 

If Joe Biden admits there is a crisis at the southern border then he believes he would be giving his Republican adversaries a victory. 

Also, if Joe Biden admits that there is a crisis at the southern border then he is effectively admitting defeat. 

At the end of the day, politics and power is all that matters to Joe Biden, even if it means that millions of people illegally cross the border and flood the nation with crime, drugs, weapons, and costs that we cannot afford. 

At the end of the day Joe Biden doesn’t care that it is destroying America. 

If immediate action is not taken at the southern border, then the effects will be devastating. 

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