Joe Biden told one outrageous lie that proves just how extreme he is

America is more divided than ever before, and left-wing political violence has consumed the streets of nearly every single community in America. 

This violence has been largely provoked by rhetoric from top Democrats including Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and all of their cronies in Washington, D.C. 

But Joe Biden told one outrageous lie that proves just how extreme he is. 

The Left will do anything to gain political power

Over the last several years in particular, the Left in America has gone to extreme lengths to spread lies and distortions about Republicans, and everything else for that matter. 

Joe Biden has been at the forefront of this disinformation campaign, but his most recent fib might just be his worst in recent memory. 

While speaking to a crowd in Oceanside, California at a political rally, Joe Biden claimed “And how can you call yourself a democracy when you have a group of 1,000 people who storm the United States Capitol, break the windows and doors down, two policemen die as a consequence of it [sic], break through the House and Senate doors and chambers, have people cowering on the floor, threatening to kill people?”

He then went on to say, “You saw what happened to Paul Pelosi, in an effort to get to Nancy. Well, guess what? What do they call these guys? What do Trump and all his Trumpies call them? He said they’re ‘patriots.’ No! No! No! No! No! Not a joke! These are ‘patriots!’”

Yes, you read that correctly, Joe Biden is trying to blame Donald Trump for the recent attack on Paul Pelosi. 

This claim is a bald-faced lie. 

The man who attacked Paul Pelosi was a nudist extremist who also happens to be an illegal alien from Canada. 

There is no proof as of now that this crazed illegal alien has any connections with the Right. 

Joe Biden is driving a wedge between an already divided nation

Joe Biden is out of line for this irresponsible behavior and spreading lies like this only serves to divide America even more than it already is. 

Perhaps Joe Biden should talk about all of the left-wing violence that has happened in recent days and months, except that would take him weeks to list. 

The truth is, this effort to divide America is very much intentional. 

The Left believes that painting conservatives as crazy people is a winning strategy, but it already appears as if this is backfiring on them. 

Americans are not buying this bogus narrative from Democrats, which explains why Biden’s approval ratings are still in the gutters. 

The ultimate test will come tomorrow when voters head to the polls to decide who will control Congress for the next two years. 

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