Joe Biden thanked a Coast Guardsman for saving lives. But now Biden’s about to ruin his life

The Gulf coast of Florida was underwater after Hurricane Ian hit leading to the activation of the U.S. Coast Guard for search and rescue. 

One Coast Guardsman was honored with a phone call from his Commander-in-Chief, Joe Biden.

On the call, Biden thanked the Coast Guardsman for saving lives. But now Biden’s about to ruin his life.

Biden calls an unvaccinated Coast Guardsman to tell him how proud he is and thank him

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, Joe Biden is doing everything he can to gain political capital from the crisis.

While search and rescue operations were still underway, he phoned Zach Loesch with the U.S. Coast Guard to thank him for his dedication. 

According to the White House, Biden “told him how proud of him I was and thanked him for all the work he and his Coasties are doing to save lives.”

The White House statement indicated that Biden “asked if they needed any additional support that he can provide to accelerate rescues . . .”

One thing Biden surely didn’t ask about was Loesch’s vaccination status.

And according to Loesch, it’s about to have him kicked out of service.

Loesch kept his phone call professional and didn’t bring it up. 

But he isn’t pleased that the rule is about to ruin his life.

No one Loesch saved would have cared if they found out he was not vaccinated

He later lamented over his call with Biden, “It just sucks that he thanked me yet the vaccine mandate is what’s kicking me out,” adding that he loves his job and that it is what he was “born to do.”

He rightfully defended his ability to execute his role in an interview with Breitbart, “If I had asked any of the people I saved yesterday if they wanted to come with me even though I am unvaccinated, every single one of them would have said ‘yes.’”

It’s safe to assume that doesn’t just apply in a hurricane but in all natural disasters requiring search and rescue. 

People are happy to have someone like Loesch there to rescue them.

Yet, according to the U.S. Department of Defense the Coast Guard still faces the prospect of losing over 2,600 service members due to Biden’s unnecessary vaccine mandates. 

The rest of the military branches have also struggled to reach 100 percent vaccinations with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines at around 97 percent vaccinated. 

The Air Guard and Army Reserve are even lower at 94 and 90 percent respectively.

There have been numerous lawsuits filed against the mandates, but even in the case of Zach Loesch who was petitioning for a religious exemption the future is still unclear.

GOP Representative warns the mandates will “cripple” U.S. at home as much as overseas

GOP Representative Mike Waltz of Florida’s Sixth Congressional District is a former Green Beret and he’s warning that these mandates don’t just interfere with military planning overseas but also our ability to respond to a crisis.

He argued, “This will cripple our ability to effectively respond to the next natural disaster if the Biden Administration doesn’t reverse course. We need more service members like Zach Loesch who put their life on the line to save others – not less.”

Waltz also warned, “With the military’s current recruiting crisis, these skills will be extremely difficult to replace.”

An example of Loesch’s skill? 

During his rescue efforts in Florida, the rescue swimmer kicked in a wall then strapped a woman and her wheelchair to him and brought them to safety. 

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